Colin Christian and Risk – Corey Helford Gallery

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It’s not every night that you walk into an art gallery and encounter a 10-foot statue of a woman striking a disco pose. Yet a yellow-jumpsuit-clad, afro-styling statue is exactly what greeted gallery-goers Saturday, July 7th as they walked into Corey Helford Gallery. On opening night of “Hello, Pretty Pretty” and “Old Habits Die Hard,” visitors could witness the talent of Colin Christian and graffiti artist RISK manifested into a variety of eye-catching pieces.

Together, the works created a fun atmosphere; wherever you turned there might be neon, flashing graffiti letters or a pair of huge, glittery eyes staring right at you. Upstairs, RISK’s pink elephant got plenty of love from picture-snapping fans. Though the artists’ aesthetic approaches might lie on opposite ends of the art spectrum – Christian crafts beautiful women from fiberglass while RISK has spent two decades pioneering graffiti writing – their works came together successfully for the show.

Christian’s attention to detail was evident in everything from his creation’s outfits to their lifelike physique, especially evident in “Superflyhoney,” the gigantic statue in the middle of the room. And while RISK’s bright, flashing neon pieces kept your eye entertained, his more traditional spray paint reminded visitors of his legendary graffiti status. Overall, this is the type of show that proves you never really know what you’ll encounter when you walk into a Los Angeles art gallery.

“Hello, Pretty Pretty” and “Old Habits Die Hard” both run until August 4th. Corey Helford Gallery is located on 8522 Washington Blvd. – Eva Recinos























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