There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand at Gallery 1988

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On Friday, June 29th a small line of excited people wound around the entrance of Gallery 1988 on Melrose. Behind me, a group chatted as a friend returned from the gallery entrance. Someone asked him enthusiastically: “What does it look like inside? Heaven?” These enthused line-gatherers were referring to the heaven that is the hilarity of the Bluth family from the TV show “Arrested Development.” The show’s quirky characters are currently on display in all shapes, forms and sizes at Gallery 1988’s “There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand.”

A little after 7 p.m. on opening night, the gallery let fans trickle in and witness the large amount of works gracing the white walls of the gallery. Well, semi-white walls, save for the sporadic blue handprints between the works that referenced Tobias’ sometimes-blue skin. While perusing the works, visitors could get their usual dose of soda and alcohol but the gallery went a step further to offer frozen bananas for $5 a pop.

With frozen banana in hand, fans could gaze on everything from plush dolls to sculptures to painting to posters based around the show’s characters and their crazy antics. To make matters even better visitors who fell in love with a piece could potentially take it home without completely emptying their wallet. Some of the pieces had reproductions starting from around $20 and only about half an hour into the opening, the line for the purchases almost reached the entrance. With more than 80 artists participating, from Doe Eyed Design to Jsalvador to Anarakitty, the gallery almost didn’t have enough wall space for all its pieces. Yet somehow the works came together in their appreciation of the TV show.

The gallery show boasts not only funny portraits of the characters but hilarious takes on well-known plotlines and dialogue. A visual feast for art lovers and a great way to reminisce on one quirky show for diehard fans, “There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand” might look a little like heaven to some visitors. Gallery 1988 is located on 7020 Melrose Avenue and the show runs until July 21st. Check out for more. – Eva Recinos




























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