Studio Visit: Bob Dob, Part 1

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Bob Dob invited me to his studio to begin documenting the progress of his upcoming exhibit at La Luz De Jesus. The show, which opens in November, is a still a little ways away from now, so I’ve decided to only give you CARTWHEEL-ers a really blurry sneak peek into what he’s up to. Obviously, I don’t want to reveal too much, since it’s going to be quite the surprise. YAY!!!! Quite the surprise, indeed! The following photos were taken right after Bob Dob’s initial sketch phase, when he was just beginning to transfer his ideas onto wooden boards. At one point during my first visit, I watched him erase a part of a seemingly perfect sketch only to make it that much better with a subtle change in detail, signaling Bob’s confidence in perfection and a sure sign that by the time his show comes around in November, his pieces would no doubt be some of the best he’s ever done.













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