Billabong Design for Humanity Art Auction

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On July 25, 2012 the backlot of Paramount Pictures became a mini city au courant. It looked like New York City without the humidity and with more surfers: on one city block Billabong’s fashion show of Maya Hayuk-Billabong collabo bikinis; around another bend, The Lumineers’ played a block party on the street corner that’s the same nondescript street corner in tons of movies. And inside one of the “New York” doors, a pop up art gallery.

Curated by Jardine Hammond with all proceeds going to Chipotle’s Cultivate Foundation, the exhibition theme was Unlearn/Relearn, which can be the context for promoting good deeds in sustainable agriculture or the simple notion of recycling ideas. Fresh thoughts were in bountiful supply.

Many of the 30 artists were there in person, including Daniella Manini, John Antoski, Paige Smith, Andy Davis and Lindsey Byrnes. The exhibition / auction consisted of bright pop color art, including that of Maya Hayuk, Justin Krietemeyer and Chris Bettig, and black-and-white photography by Lindsey Byrnes, Magda Wosinska and Crista Leonard; as well as 3D art, including Lisa Solberg’s rhinestone Godzilla, Paige Smith’s Urban Geodes and John Antoski’s native American inspired canoe paddles, which took longer to mask than to paint, and had corresponding stories with each. Unfortunately it was so crowded, I held up the line when I started reading the one that began, “The Three-Eyed Jackal: A distant cousin to the three-horned corneater that migrated from the warmer waters of the east…” By 11:30pm when the auction closed, 20 artworks had been sold. Among them were Daniella Manini’s Inca Calendar and “Yes, You” rooster, three paintings by Danielle Petach, two of Justin Krietemeyer’s Geodes, a collage-painting by Robert “Sticky” Shaw and a geometric black and white painting by Tyler Warren, all benefiting the Cultivate Foundation. If the rest of the artworks are made available for an online auction (which may be a possibility), I will post it here! –Dana


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