Play MOCA at the MOCA Geffen with Cults

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Little Tokyo pulsed with music this past Saturday as an outdoor performance at MOCA Geffen rocked the night. As part of “Play MOCA,” Lord Huron and the Cults gave a free show to attendees complete with food trucks and complimentary touch-ups from Smashbox cosmetics. A DJ set from Victoria Bergsman and visuals by Emmett Malloy create quite the night at the museum.

Concert-goers could also visit the MOCA Geffen for free to witness the land art pieces in “Ends of the Earth: Land Art to 1974” as well as Cai Gui-Quang’s “Sky Ladder.” A good-sized crown mingled in nearby tables, sipping on drinks and chomping down on Kogi fare. When Lord Huron came on, the crowd was enthusiastic and it only grew as Cults took the stage and kicked off their set with “Abducted.” Everyone from babies on shoulders to teenagers in groups bounced along to the music. Although Cults experience some sound difficulties at the beginning and seemed a little shy with the crowd, the last few songs really showed their energy. “Go Outside,” which fit the concert perfectly, got the crowd signing and swaying along. Smashbox passed out free lip glosses lying inside balloons and by at the end of the night the crowd energized the streets of Little Tokyo after a fun show.




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