“Remix Revise Reframe” in Long Beach

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Bungalow Gallery–located just a few blocks north of downtown Long Beach and comprised of vacant commercial spaces  made into active galleries for local artists and the community at large–is currently hosting a group show, Remix Revise Reframe.”  Galleries are one great way of creating some atmosphere in a not so heavy foot traffic area. And the “Remix Revise Reframe” show certainly made that happen, drawing in a large crowd that excitedly took in the art and atmosphere.

“Remix”  is the artwork of Graham Moore and his imaginative transformation of vintage album art.  Ana Badua, who gave new meaning to pop-up books showcases her work in “Revise,” while “Reframe” highlights the urban photography of Leo Quijano II & Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin with the photographers’ contrasting style creating great visual impact. Closing reception for this event is this Friday August, 31st between 7pm-10pm.

Bungalow Gallery
727 North Pine Ave.
Long Beach, Ca 90802

Text and photos by Erwin Recinos.






















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