MAS Attack: One Night, 90 Artists at LA Mart

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Art  lovers who wanted more than the heaping eyeful at the LA Art Show found a feast at MAS Attack, a one night show/party featuring 90 artists  at the LA Mart downtown. It was a total attack of the Mutual Appreciation Society, packed with art lovers and artists. 

Cindy Schwarzstein and Mat Gleason at MAS Attack


Mary Addison Hackett


Carlson Hatton


Aaron Smith, Tim Biskup, with one of Smith’s paintings in the background

Tim Biskup


Aaron Smith

Joren Bossen No Chance to Win

Carolyn Castano, Lost

Christopher Pate, Feast (1)

Adam Miller. The work is on fabric.

Joel Woodard


Jon Flack, Mulege (right)

Aaron Foster, Season of the Witch


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