La Luz de Jesus Highlights Contrasts: Vicki Berndt, Dave Dexter, Mark Gleason

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Big Eye Jayne County

This month La Luz de Jesus is showing  three remarkable contemporary artists whose work couldn’t be more different.

Vicki Berndt is best known for her “big eye” portraits of musicians and pop culture icons. Berndt started out photographing bands and painting portraits on the backs of leather jackets. Her first “big eye” paintings appeared in 1990 on the cover of the “Third Eye” album by Redd Kross, and the rest is history. She also makes candles and jewelry with her famous portraits, currently available at La Luz de Jesus.

The work of painter Mark Gleason brings the viewer into a world where humans and animals relate in a way that is mysterious and unfamiliar to most of us. Gleason’s paintings tell stories that leave much to the imagination, with many unanswered questions. Gleason’s storytelling skill combined with the mastery of his painting ability leave us with memorable works we will return to again and again, searching for the answers.

One must approach Dave Dexter’s work with an open mind. His paintings and ceramic works are designed to provoke a dialog and to stir up arguments about forbidden subject matter. Dexter’s work goes places you are not supposed to go. He intentionally makes his controversial works colorful and inviting, and injects them with an almost irresistible sense of humor. You almost can’t help but laugh when viewing them. But then you catch yourself, and you are back confronting that forbidden subject again. (Dexter admits that he has lost friends over his art work, so be prepared).

There is truly something for every taste in this current exhibition at La Luz de Jesus Gallery. If you make the decision to attend with an open mind free of preconceived notions you will be pleasantly surprised.

Top: Vicki Berndt Big Eye Jayne County detail

Vicki Brendt, Dave Dexter, Mark Gleason
Through June 2, 2013
La Luz de Jesus
4633 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Open Monday-Wednesday, 11am-7pm; Thursday-Saturday, 11am to 9pm; Sunday 11am-6pm.

Mark Gleason – Hex detail

Dave Dexter “Cross Burning Kit” (front & back shown – business card sized, comes with a “real” wooden match)



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