The Holiday Cure: Elizabeth McGrath’s Incurable Disorder Pop Up & Signing

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Born in Hollywood. Sent to school at Fundamentalist Baptist correctional institution. Made punk rock fliers and is now an acclaimed artist whose work now appears in a second monograph, Incurable Disorder. Meet Elizabeth McGrath. Well actually you’ll be able to meet her in real life, Sunday, December 8 at La Luz de Jesus when she signs the aforementioned book  at a pop event celebrating her incurable disorder at the gallery where her career began. The book is gorgeous, hours of mesmerizing images of skillful, imaginative and detailed art that take you into dark and dreamy worlds.

McGrath’s works primarily in sculptures, dioramas, and mixed media, focusing on the (anti-)relationship between nature and modern, consumer culture. Her use of rhinestones and gold leaf further emphasizes the dichotomy, but the utterly adorable yet creepy, or creepily adorableness of her pieces keep them from been mawkish or preachy. McGrath’s work is edgy, playful, provocative and delightful, with darker underlying themes of torment, angst, blood, and sacrifice–perfect holiday gifts!

Mark Ryden said:

I love Liz’s mystical, magical, creations. They are the kind of creatures I want to keep company with. They make me happy.

We all deserve a little happiness, especially when stained with perverse sensibilities of one of Pop Surrealism’s leading artists.

McGrath’s holiday pop-up show at La Luz carries through on the theme of disturbing celebrations and freakish festivities with Zombie Santas Mike Odd of Rosemary’s Billygoat and Dookie Flyswatter of Haunted Garage attended by their cute Undead Elves–available for your Christmas family photos! Plus holiday snacks from Messy Monsters. And whether you’ve been naughty or nice, as long as you’re on time for the 7pm show, there will be free buttons and stickers.

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Mc Grath will be signing Incurable Disorder Sunday December 8, from 7pm to 10pm at La Luz de Jesus.


Alice’s white rabbit has become a blue bunny. Where is the wonder? And may I have another ice ream sandwich?


Incurable Disorder, the from which the book takes its title.1197__x_elizabeth-mcgrath-cerberus

The guardian of Hell, Artemis Hekate’s companion Cerberus, refashioned by McGrath as a snarling three-headed chihuahua, the preferred purse dog, in a multi-layered take on mythology, feminine power, and consumer culture.  And I’ll throw in David Bowie’s “Diamond Dogs” for good measure.


Incurable Disorder: Elizabeth McGrath Book Signing and Pop Up
Sunday, December 8, 7pm to 10pm
La Luz de Jesus
4633 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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