Red Bull Curates: The Canvas Cooler Project at Mack Sennett Studios

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Red Bull Curates: The Canvas Cooler Project, served up a cocktail last Thursday, March 6th that drew an overflowing crowd from all corners of Los Angeles. What art lover could resist a blend of ingredients like an historic East Hollywood venue, a wide array of emerging and established local talent, and a brand with the clout to shine a major spotlight on it– served up in lively, high-energy party?

Arriving at the grand Mack Sennett Studios–surprisingly hidden off a beaten path through Silverlake–feels like stumbling across an antique treasure. The location celebrates its presence in classic cinema with old posters, stage lights and other decor from a bygone era. This sets a rich backdrop for an atmosphere otherwise as contemporary and cutting edge as could be.

The artists and judges–CARTWHEEL‘s founder, Cindy Schwarzstein was on the judging panel–mingled warmly with the crowd, which, by the end of the night looked like a sea aglow in neon haze. Innovative Leisure provided the soundtrack for the experience. Red Bull Canvas Cooler embodies the character of Los Angeles’ art scene: eclectic, ambitious, vibrant and–most importantly–competitive in a way that is inclusive. Los Angeles artists recognize that we all go farther when we’re encouraging each other, rather than when we’re trying to go it alone. We take pride in the energy and boldness of the DIY spirit across a range of genres and media. Artists here understand that partnering with corporate sponsors can sometimes be mutually beneficial, allowing for great amplification of voice and message.

At Red Bull Canvas Cooler, now in its third year, everyone celebrated the collective process as much as the selection of Greg Auerbach and Ashleigh Sumner. These two artists will go on to participate in SCOPE Art Fair during Art Basel in Miami later this year. People’s Choice selections Gianni Arone and Sarah Sandin are also in a drawing to be included, along with those from the remaining seven cities on the tour: Portland, Denver, Chicago, New Orleans, Orlando, Houston and Philadelphia.

The full list of Los Angeles’ contributors consists of:

• ADVNTRS • Ashliegh Sumner • Bioworkz • Cali Killa • Chase • Chris Sanchez • Dynamic Dynosaur • Gianni Arone • Greg Auerbach • Jennifer Korsen • Julian Paige Smith • Kiosk • Madman • Phobik • ReffKillsPop • Ryan “Motel” Campbell • Sarah Sandin • Serf TCF • Sticky • STINK •

Photos of each of their works, as well as in-progress shots can be viewed in CARTWHEEL’s preview of the event!

The pieces will remain in the public eye, installed in businesses throughout the city–Filter Magazine, KCRW, Pattern Bar, Los Globos, and Regent Theater to name a few. Rewarding opportunities such as this can really boost the momentum of creatives. Los Angeles and beyond can certainly expect to be seeing more from these artists!


RedBull3 Music by Innovative Leisure



RedBull5Gianni Arone

RedBull6Cali Killa



Jennifer Korsen


RedBull10Sarah Sandin

RedBull19Dynamic Dynosaur

RedBull7Julian Paige Smith

RedBull18Ryan “Motel” Campbell


RedBull8Robert “Sticky” Shaw

MiBp4Lxbqkih_j6l7P-MixbEFjrQyKvt4BZECLuRyMsGreg Auerbach (far right) will go to SCOPE to represent Los Angeles
photo: Andrew Aronsohn

pPdZS6jtXdmxK7PEFFo_mrHSna3mQcERWVqLq_OqkBQAshleigh Sumner will go to SCOPE to represent Los Angeles
photo: Andrew Aronsohn


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