Science Fiction Double Feature Show at Illuminoidal Arts

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Sci-fi fans, rocket rollers, Trekkies and Trekkers, robot-lovers, Chewbacca groupies and more will be in outer-orbit ecstasy at Illuminoidal Arts Science Fiction Double Feature Show opening this Saturday, November 8 with out-of-this-world art, a costume party, and full warp-factor weirdness–plus it’s also the Long Beach Art Walk so you can shock the twelfth monkey in full Planet of the Apes garb as you stroll from gallery to gallery. Doooo eeeet! Bonus points for  Cornelius /Frank N Furter mash-up. Dare you!

(Full disclosure, I have a piece in the show, along with artists like Bill Dambrova, curator Leah C. Dixon, Keith Dugas,  Stevie Love, NPatrick McGilligan /Lethargic Artist, Daniel Rolnik, Maria Salehi, Craig Sibley,  and Albert Vitela).

And Illuminoidal has scheduled a special performance for 7pm that night involving robots!

top: Coffee and Cigarette, by Lethargic Artist.

10561797_10205543099803344_3438805192181262864_n Leah C. Dixon, Deconstructed X-Men

10730811_10205586071037598_2174105403881678578_nDouglas Alvarez, Believe

10484936_510219862414628_8159956025382371873_nKeith Dugas, Divorce

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