“Sculpt” Cloak & Dagger Immersive Experience December 22

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Loris Gréaud’s film Sculpt–a dark meditation on filmmaking, self-awareness, alchemy, the illumination of the spirit, and the development and decay and of society–caused a stir when in it screened earlier this year at the Los Angeles Museum of Art. Tickets for the daily screenings could only be obtained on the day of the showings, and people had to log in at 9am for an opportunity to be the one person permitted to see each viewing.

Now on December 22, as part of the filmmaker’s second phase of release, Sculpt becomes an immersive experience at the notorious private club, Cloak & Dagger, which for this night is open to the public. Voted best private club in Los Angeles by the LA Weekly, Cloak & Dagger was created by DJ Adam “12” Bravin and producer Michael Patterson to provide a a weekly gathering for those enthralled by goth and related music genres.

Those wishing to attend Sculpt at Cloak & Dagger must RSVP at the club’s website. The film itself will be shown in groups at  ticketed screenings in special room at the club, with tickets assigned by lottery, while the main dance floor will be transformed into an atmospheric interpretation of Sculpt, complete with a ritual based on key scenes from the film, designed by the club’s in-house sorcerers–yes, Cloak & Dagger is  nightclub with ritual magicians who regularly design theatrical performances for attendees, adding to the esoteric and mysterious atmosphere.

Sculpt‘s raw film stock was charged by New Orleans voodoo queen,   Miriam Chamani who appears in the film, along with the band the Residents, Willam Dafoe, and Charlotte Rampling. The hour long film is shot entirely in black and red, with Gréaud matching the color of the blood moon.


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