Coverage: DENK Gallery Opens with Inaugural Exhibition “JUNGLE CITIES”, by Arne Quinze

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Downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District planted a new art gallery, DENK, who opened its doors on Wednesday January 25th, with the showering of colors, textures, and chaotic aesthetic created by Arne Quinze’s new exhibition, “JUNGLE CITIES”. Cartwheel Art is excited to welcome them into the neighborhood!

Born in Belgium in 1971, Quinze has become well known for his large-scale installations, one of which debuted at Burning Man in 2006. His work aims to create social interaction and communication within the ever-changing urban landscapes of public spaces. As a child and throughout his adulthood, Quinze was challenged with the monotonous, bland colors of the cities surrounding him, and set an intention to bring more colors into the world, starting with graffiti and ending up with sculpture, painting, and public art.
Quinze’s 2017 exhibition JUNGLE CITIES invites its viewers to participate in experiencing his man-made micro universes, built with natural substances that are compromised with the unnatural aerosol layers of paint that adorn them.

Artist Statement:

“In this day and age we can see clearly, for the first time, the impact mankind has had on the natural world, and the terrible environmental consequences which have followed. I was shocked to learn that since I was born in 1971, we, as humans, have managed to destroy one-third of the flora and fauna existing at that time.

As an artist I consider it my duty to use my public art to call for a better balance between culture and nature. I am trying to encourage a conversation that will change the way we think and ask questions. By doing so, I want to raise the awareness of the viewing public, resulting in a more careful and considered approach to our urban planning context.”

Founded in 2017 in Downtown Los Angeles Art District, DENK’s mission is to present a diverse program featuring a range of local and international contemporary artists working across mediums. Their goal is to curate exhibitions that allow artists the opportunity to bring their concepts and visions to reality. DENK looks to engage the community through multiple platforms—with gallery publications and performances, as well as regular artists and curator talks held in the space.

On opening night, the gallery also introduced their exclusive DENK Magazine, featuring interviews and reflections with Quinze, amongst other artists and individuals in the art community.

Exhibition Dates:
“JUNGLE CITIES” by Arne Quinze
January 26- April 15

DENK Gallery
749 E. Temple St, Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, 90012



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