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Cartwheel Art Tours, is based in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District– once a gritty section filled with disused warehouses, train tracks and manufacturing plants by the LA River– now one of Los Angeles’s most unique, art-centric and rapidly changing destination neighborhoods.

Cindy Schwarzstein, founder of Cartwheel Art Tours, who has a background is in hospitality management, is a board member of the Los Angeles River Artists and Business Association (LARABA), on the Urban Planning and Land Use Committee in the DTLA Arts District, and is involved in other neighborhood and art organizations.

The DTLA Arts District, and other unique art communities throughout Los Angeles and Southern California, is where Cindy has been leading groups, organizations and individuals on unique and immersive neighborhood art tours, that she’s been curating and producing, for the last four years.

The custom-designed tour itineraries she create’s are varied, and offer the opportunity for rotating authentic experiences to occur.

Tour options can include any of the following: visiting artists/creatives in their studios, viewing the art in galleries/museums/art centers, checking out speciality and artisan businesses, enjoying the food and beverage offerings in the neighborhood, while alway’s viewing the graffiti and street art– some in areas that are not seen by those other then the graffiti community.

Cindy’s tours always include the perspectives of an eclectic team of knowledgeable and passionate insiders including historians, artists, writers, and filmmakers who are deeply connected to their neighborhoods that we explore. She also provides “insider” access with exclusive opportunities for the following to occur:

DISCOVER: both art, and the neighborhood in which the art is made

EXPLORE: the community’s history and developments

EXPERIENCE:  food and beverage unique or characteristic to the neighborhood

Most tours are co-hosted with Steve Grody,  author of Graffiti LA: Street Styles and Art, and whose work was part of MOCA’s Art in the Streets 2011 exhibition. Steve contributes an educational component on street art and graffiti.

Although Cindy specializes in curating custom itineraries for private groups and organizations, while leading the tours, she also leads tours with an art and neighborhood component in partnership with Atlas Obscura, and other organizations.

Check out the CARTWHEEL ART TOURS CALENDAR for upcoming public tours.

CONTACT CINDY, if you are interested in partnering, and want to have her create a custom itinerary for your group or organization. Whether it’s for two or sixty-five persons, and to tie-in to an art or neighborhood event as special programming, a team-building event, an educational opportunity for a university, or to fundraise for a non-profit, a collectors and alumni group event or as a gift for a birthday, her speciality is in creating unique and authentic opportunities for those on the tours to DISCOVER, EXPLORE and EXPERIENCE both art and neighborhoods in which the art is made.

Note: a percentage of ticket sales goes towards the artists and guest speakers on the tours. Also, The Downtown Los Angeles Arts District tours include a map, created by Cartwheel Art, identifying the murals, artist studios, galleries, event spaces, restaurants, bars, cafes, and other creative businesses in the vibrant Arts District.


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Recent testimonials can be found here.

Some of our past tour’s: 

  • Britweek’s Urban Adventure bus tour. Exploration occurred in the neighborhoods of Historic Filipinotown for the Gabba Arts District,  Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, Echo Park including Animal Alley and Downtown Los Angles for Indian Alley. More here
  • World Art Day tour. Exploration occurred in LA’s Historic Filipinotown in the Gabba Arts District for World Art DayMore here
  • “South of Seventh,” a DTLA Arts District neighborhood tour: More here and here.
  • South Central, Los Angeles, CA (Smile South Central): More here
  • Riverside, CA.: More here
  • Lincoln Heights/North Industrial District (Naud Graffiti Yard and Brewery Arts Complex): More here
  • Echo Park/Historic Filipinotown, CA. (Animal Alley and Belmont Tunnel): More here
  • Laguna Beach, CA. More here
  • Vencie Beach, CA
  • West Adams, CA. More here

Neighborhoods with upcoming Tours (Stay tuned for more details):

Orange, CA. Santa Ana, CA. Venice, CA. Pasadena, CA. Joshua Tree, CA, Chinatown, CA.,  


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Here are more details on some of what is offered for guests on out tours in the DTLA Arts District:

DISCOVER: murals and street art by internationally well-known artists and Los Angeles graffiti crews while learning about the historical background and details of lettering and styles of graffiti by historians and the artists. There are over one hundred murals in the Arts District and this area is really starting to show growth where its destined to become the Wynwood Arts District of the west coast.

EXPLORE: significant developments and historical points of interest. See industrial warehouses being repurposed and developed along with new construction for art gallery/museum complexes such as Hauser, Wirth and Schimmel from a flour mill in addition, to A + D  Architecture and Design Museum. Many historical buildings such as the Coca-Cola and Ford manufacturing plants have plans to be converted into live/work residential and creative office spaces among other mixed-use developments The First to Seventh Street Bridges are all well known for filming and seen on some of the Cartwheel Art Tours.

EXPERIENCE: the first hand perspectives of artists, developers, historians, restaurant and creative entrepreneurs while visiting them in their homes, studios, businesses and on the streets as they discuss the Arts District. Learn about the waves of creatives who are moving into the neighborhood as fashion, food, art and filming becomes the new manufacturing in the district.

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For group planners interested in Cartwheel Art Tours creating an itinerary for their groups or organization’s, our COVERAGE section provides some of the past tours the Cartwheel Art team has written about, which offers insights of options.

Finally it is our BLOG section, where you will find posts from our team who write about and photograph what influences us, whether its current or historical, in and around the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District. Its also where we post about exhibits that excite us, plus our personal adventures as we travel through Los Angeles, the United States, and foreign destinations.

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