Cartwheel Art Tours has curated five unique itineraries, that tie-into the design elements of Hotel Indigo: Los Angeles Downtown. These tours provide the opportunity for locals and visitors to discover the lesser-known stories of our surrounding Downtown Los Angeles neighborhood.


Custom group tours for any day of the week (with the exception of Sunday), can be booked by calling Cartwheel Art Tours at 213.537.0687 or contacting Cartwheel Art Tours by Email.

Also, tour tickets can be purchased directly for Friday’s and Saturday’s Underground LA public tours, online HERE.


Underground L.A.
Length of Tour: 2.5 hours

Explore with Cartwheel Art Tours, the city’s “underground” past ranging from famous prohibition-era murders to the famous speakeasy haunts that the Hollywood elite would frequent. The Underground LA tour, includes a few stops, under the busy streets of Los Angeles, where you’ll peek into century-old tunnels and speakeasies, alongside experiencing more modern interpretations of the city’s hidden watering holes

In addition to the underground experiences, there are also locations in Downtown LA, that are featured. These are customized based on the guest’s interests in Downtown Los Angeles.

Theatres & the Golden Age of Hollywood in DTLA
Length of Tour: 2.5 hours

Previously the Hollywood hub during the early years of the 20th century, Downtown Los Angeles is home to iconic theaters and historic landmarks that brought in icons like Charlie Chaplin, Gloria Swanson, Rudolph Valentino and Mary Pickford. On this tour, guests will explore the cultural landmarks of the opulent Broadway Theatre district, the largest collection of historic movie palaces in the country.

Architecture & Design
Length of Tour: 2.5 hours

Explore Los Angeles’ world-class architectural designs as an expert guide introduces guests to building styles. Discuss the evolution of the streetscape, get inside access to monumental interiors, discover public art, and soak in the skyline vista from city roof tops. 

Art & Artisans
Length of Tour: 2.5 hours

Led by the owners of THESE DAYS art gallery located in Downtown Los Angeles’ Historic Core, the Art & Artisan tour begins with a brief history of the gallery and its unique 130- year-old building, which is one of Downtown’s oldest. Afterwards, guests will explore a variety of local mural projects, meeting with local artists along the way.

Spirits & Speakeasies 
Length of Tour: 3 hours

Relive the clandestine glamour of Prohibition Los Angeles with cocktails!
Visit Downtown L.A. speakeasies and cocktail lounges and savor high-end sips and spirits while relaxing in vintage luxury – just like the City of Angels’ top-tier bootleggers who openly plied their illegal wares with a wink and a nod from corrupt City Hall politicos.


  • Each tour is available for $85 per person, with the exception of the Spirits & Speakeasies, which is $110 per person.
  • A minimum of four participants per tour is required with the exception of the Art & Artisans tour which requires a minimum of six persons.
  • Tours must be booked 48-hours in advance.
  • The available days and hours for tours vary.
  • A  liability waiver in addition to a non-disclosure agreement for the Underground LA tour, is required to be signed by each guest.


Hotel Indigo’s interiors, conceived by Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA), are inspired by the 1920’s Prohibition Era, infusing elements from the city’s underground speakeasies and network of underground tunnels hidden beneath the city streets, the budding Hollywood movie industry, Jewelry District, historic Chinatown, and more. These curated Cartwheel Art itineraries seek to bring to life these themes by connecting what guests and locals see in the newly opened hotel to the surrounding neighborhood – past and present.

The “Underground LA,” tour, provides a captivating way to peek into the city’s famed underground tunnels and speakeasies that are unbeknownst to most and learn about the city’s “underground” past, ranging from famous prohibition-era murders to the famous speakeasy haunts that Hollywood elite would frequent.

Playing off the interior elements of the hotel’s signature restaurant Metropole Bar + Kitchen, which include tunnel-shaped booths as well as a jazz band mural reminiscent of a forbidden party during the Prohibition Era, the “Underground LA” tour will take guests for a peek under the busy streets of Los Angeles to discover century-old tunnels and speakeasies, alongside more modern interpretations of the city’s hidden watering holes.

“These thoughtfully-curated tours help us convey the neighborhood story to our guests in an interactive way,” says Raymond Vermolen, General Manager of Hotel Indigo Los Angeles Downtown hotel. “It creates a very defined connection between the hotel’s design narrative and distinct attractions around downtown.”

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