You know your neighborhood and love it for the little things, for the hidden things. The grocery on the corner with the best bagels and out of this world coffee. The man who walks his dog slowly to the corner and back every day is a Pulitzer Prize winning author, his niece painted the mural around the corner. What a magical place your neighbor is, your city is, your country is. Cartwheel art tours are in the business of excitement (hence Cartwheel) over the little/hidden things, as well as knowledge, respect and adventure into the realms of art, food, drink and community.

JOIN US: Beyond a basic cultural walking tour, Cartwheel Art Tours will customize your experience, creating itineraries that suit groups of any size, always maintaining a sense of wonder and passion for the landmarks, murals and history of a place. Tour partners serve as ambassadors, opening their businesses to share and inspire. Hand-picked experts on food, art, music and film, who live, work and create in the very communities they also share through Cartwheel Tours are the guides. Founder Cindy Schwarzstein has over 25 years of experience working with communities and cultural institutions.

EXPLORE: Gain first hand perspective from artists, developers, historians, restaurant and creative entrepreneurs. Visit them in their homes, studios, businesses and on the streets as they discuss what makes their place special to them. Nothing can replace a face to face, boots on the grounds, honest and heartfelt experience. Let Cartwheel Art Tours facilitate new relationships with positive, creative and fun individuals and businesses in the area of your choice. Name the place and we guarantee we know the people who make it shine.



Our partners below range from artists and galleries to art fairs, festivals and non-profits. Contact us to learn more about current partnership opportunities or to develop a new partnership project. See a full list of our past and present partners and clients here.