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Evo Love, born Yvonne Grams in New York, is a multi-media artist who dedicates her life to making unique altar-like creations. CARTWHEEL Interview: Evo Love on the Lure of L.A. (Feb. 14, 2013)

Artist: Evo Love
Lives in: Miami, Fl.

Growing up in Daytona Beach and Miami, Evo Love has always been influenced by surfing, skateboarding and street culture. Her work communicates a nostalgic innocence taking both artist and viewer on a journey back to their childhood. By methodically placing found objects, each piece informs the viewer of a narrative specific to a theme. Love leaves it up to the viewer to decipher the story. Discarded vintage items and a wide array of found objects are appropriated and converted into a complex and highly personal symbolic language investigating subjects, which range from her Latin and American Indian heritage, her interests in magic, games, strategy, love, culture, and history.

photo 2

Top image: Evo Love and her husband Romain at Fountain Art Fair Miami Beach 2012 (Photo by Cindy Schwarzstein)