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Lydia Emily with Daniel Lahoda and Birdman at the Karma Underground Charity Art Show (Sept. 2012) Photos by Lee Joseph for CARTWHEEL.

Lydia Emily is one of the most poignant and powerful street-activist-artists-muralists working in Los Angeles today. CARTWHEEL is ecstatic to feature a small selection of her original work. CARTWHEEL Interview: Putting Pork Chops on the Table with Lydia Emily (March 7, 2013).

Artist: Lydia Emily Archibald
Lives in: Los Angeles, CA

Lydia Emily is a fine artist, street artist, and activist. She has been a formal painter for 20 years. As the daughter of a civil rights protester, activism runs in her blood. Her activism comes from her life-long desire to bring fire to the people through her work, whether galleries will hold her shows or not. She makes art because she believes that being in the public eye comes with a profound social responsibility, a duty to stand up and speak out, whether that means blowing the whistle on our country’s treatment of political prisoners, or casting a discerning eye at a gutless administration. Lydia Emily currently lives with her two children and private zoo of shelter animals.

The instinctively exuberant way she wills big, bold portraits and expressive narratives into her colorful, elegantly raw compositions would be compelling visually no matter what she was painting. But she’s also got one hell of a political conscience…  — LA Weekly

Why CARTWHEEL loves Lydia Emily: Because she backs up her political and activist art with making real change as founder of The Karma Underground, a charity that supports a free Tibet; because she paints with oil, canvas, and the Sunday New York Times.

Instead of painting the horrific treatment the Tibetans are forced to endure, she chooses to divulge just enough information to make people curious and encourage them to find out the facts for themselves. Her work has the ability to engage an audience and make them interested without forcing the message down their throats… pointing out injustices and combining it with humor. Her ability to call out society and politicians while adding common sense and fusing it with her impeccable talent as a fine artist sets Lydia apart from the rest. – Warholian

Currently working out of her studio in Los Angeles, CA, Lydiaemily’s work has been featured with shows in Milan Italy, Berlin Germany, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, and San Francisco. Private collectors include Bob Dole and the Winston Churchill Family. Her murals appear in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Brooklyn, Phoenix, Oakland, Saint Thomas USVI and Washington DC. Lydiaemily’s first solo show was March 15, 2012, “Behind the Bamboo Curtain,” at LAB Art. In Sept. 2012 her charity, TKU, raised $10k for the people of Tibet with a group charity art show covered by CARTWHEEL. In 2012 Red Bull Curates selected her from a nation-wide survey of 60 street artists to be one of ten to show at Pulse Art Fair in Miami Beach, Dec. 2012.

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