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L: RADICAL! at The Exchange Project: Series 1 (Los Angeles, May 2012); R: Fountain Art Fair, Marketplace Gallery (Miami Beach, Dec. 2011)

RADICAL! is an artist currently living and working in Capital Region area of New York.  He has exhibited work over the past few years locally, while branching out internationally to cities including New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, and Copenhagen, Denmark.  Currently an aspiring student, RADICAL! is working towards the completion of an insightful education, and has received his A.S. in Fine Arts up to this point.

Basing work on his surroundings and social observations, RADICAL!’s street-practiced illustrative commentaries have established him as one of the most interesting emerging artists on the international front.

Artist: RADICAL!
Lives in: Albany, NY
Age: 21

Products of habit or addiction can serve as a culprit to interactions. These products are the embodiment of their associated interactions and memories. While many of these memories are discarded for the rest of time, the product which started it all is left behind as a form of waste. These waste forms serve as the only physical artifact of that lost moment in the past.  People, our environment, and interactions are all stored within the brain, and embodied in a cast off piece of trash.  To any other being aside from their subjects, these memories are inconceivable and practically non-existent. – RADICAL!

Why CARTWHEEL loves RADICAL!: Because his RADICAL! tag comes from wheat-pasting upstate New York; because he’s inspired by the line work of punk album art; because you have to read deep for what the pills and needles refer to.

RADICAL!, a.k.a. Erik Savage, is moving at full speed, taking a break from his studies in the 2012-13 school year to focus on heaps of new endeavors, including three solo shows in 2013 (his second solo show in NYC in April, one in Venice Beach, Calif. in August and one in Copenhagen in September). Showing in New York since he was 16 and cutting his teeth doing street art, graffiti and murals, he approaches art with a positivity that seems counter to the drug and bodily fluid metaphors in the illustrations here in the Cartwheel collection. Unsettling as they appear, the young painter uses line work to add stability where it’s due; to speak of progress, identity and good vs. evil through compelling contradictions and cartoonish characters. In 2012 he exhibited his work in L.A. for the first time as a part of “The Exchange Project: Series 1” presented by CARTWHEEL Presents and The Navarro Residence.

I don’t really like to get political with my work, but I’ve thought about it in the sense that maybe if we did just talk more and interact more, certain problems and issues would be resolved quicker. People take kindness as something strange nowadays. It’s funny, really. –RADICAL! in Metroland News, 2011

The seemingly heavy drug content of the work is never used in a manner to promote drugs.  In previous works the subject matter of needles would be used in a way where they would be protruding from, or attached to certain parts of a characters body that it used to interact in some way.  The needles symbolize a fear, and so by having them replace or protrude from something used for interaction, they would provoke a fear of socialization and interaction, no matter how cute and inviting their subject may seem.  These needles have gone to take on more diverse meanings while still revolving around fear. – RADICAL!

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