Shop works by Scott Michael Ackerman

L: Scott Michael Ackerman at The Exchange Project: Series 1 (Los Angeles, May 2012); R: The artist’s cozy studio in Woodstock, NY.

Painting honest, relatable and colorful work on found objects, Ackerman’s “outsider” art receives acclaim both nationally and internationally. The Woodstock, New York-based self-taught artist was introduced to a wider California audience in 2012 during with an exclusive CARTWHEEL Presents event.

CARTWHEEL Interview: Scott Michael Ackerman (Mar. 12, 2013)

Bright demons, playful poetry, and the wild nature of humankind are frank expressions of energy on Ackerman’s canvases of scrap wood, old mirrors and large found doors. A self-taught “outsider” artist, his paintings are celebrated for being honest and relatable as well as colorful and aesthetically pleasing. Although he continues to develop as an artist, he still delivers the spiritual and emotional impact his early work is known and loved for.

Artist: Scott Michael Ackerman
Lives in: Woodstock, NY
Age: 29

…Ackerman is starting to exert an influence of his own. Collectors from New York City and Los Angeles have been making surprise appearances at his Lovebird Studios in Rosendale, a gallery/studio space he has owned for more than two years. In September, Ackerman’s work began to get bigger, with a new series stretched on canvas 6 feet wide. It seems as if the scope of everything in Scott Michael Ackerman’s universe is expanding. –Times Herald-Record, Nov. 2, 2012

Why CARTWHEEL loves Scott: Because last year he turned his gallery, Lovebird Studio, into a personal studio to spend more time painting (pictured below); because in spring 2012 he drove from New York to California in a van filled with artwork, documenting the trip in a sketchbook; because:

When I met Scott at Fountain Art Fair NY, I became a fan immediately. Outsider art — naïve and primitive — is what I’m drawn to. My heart sings with it — CARTWHEEL founder Cindy Schwarzstein

Currently working out of his studio in Woodstock, NY, he has exhibited at Fountain Miami (2011 and 2012), Fountain New York and six shows in New York City. In November 2012, for the second year in a row, Ackerman was the featured artist at the Colony Cafe in Woodstock during the annual Woodstock Film Festival. He credits his father, Basquiat and the surrounding mountains of Woodstock as inspirations. In 2012 he exhibited his work in L.A. for the first time as a part of “The Exchange Project: Series 1″ presented by CARTWHEEL Presents and The Navarro Residence.

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