Based in the DTLA Arts District, Cartwheel Art is focused on immersive experiences, designing community-driven and diverse programmingWe offer event planning, media partnerships and extensive social networks, consultation services and more.

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Immersive experiences that offer insider knowledge of history, art, architecture, bars and eateries, and rare glimpses beneath the streets of Los Angeles. 


Cartwheel Art founder Cindy Schwarzstein is a curator and art activist with over 25 years of experience building cultural programming in the LA area. 


Explore the Los Angeles art scene, artists, DTLA art events, gallery openings, street art, public and private tours, immersive experiences, and more.


I am always looking for unique and fun ways to bring Architectural Digest to life for my clients.  Because art is such an important part of AD’s editorial and DNA, curated Cartwheel Art Tours have been a smart way for me to introduce clients to all the exciting things happening locally in Los Angeles. Cindy curates her tours using her extensive network of artists, merchants, and neighborhoods to create excellent, fun, and informative adventures.  Because she such a big part of the DTLA art community, she has tremendous access and insight to what’s happening in any given neighborhood.

I’ve worked with Cindy on various walking tours of Downtown LA and Venice and always look forward to the next adventure.  Clients are amazed at the education they receive on one of Cindy’s walking tours, and always ask when the next one will be.

I love that Cindy really puts a lot of thought and research into each tour, customizing the adventure, inviting local artists to help guide the tour, including muralist who provide context to all the amazing street art we walk past on the tours.

Cindy is terrific and I highly recommend her Cartwheel Art.  The editors of AD also included Cartwheel Art as part of things to do in Downtown Los Angeles recently, check it out.

Ruth Tooker, Executive Account Director | Architectural Digest + Condé Nast Traveler

In our pursuit to find and celebrate the hidden wonders of Los Angeles, we could not have found a better partner to explore the arts than Cindy! Over the past three years, Cindy has taken us into tunnels, down alleyways, and through secret doors to share fascinating artworks and introduce us the artists, curators, historians, and experts who bring them to life.

Cindy's curiosity and enthusiasm are boundless and her relationships in the art community are global—we've been very lucky to work with her not just in L.A., but also in Detroit, Miami, Paris, and Berlin. Her commitment to supporting artists shines through all her work and has enriched our community in countless ways.

Erin Johnson, Head of the Obscura Society with Atlas Obscura

When researching a street art expert in the DTLA area, Cindy was very highly
recommended from a prominent LA gallery. I could not have asked for a better
guide! Cindy curated a custom tour for a group of beauty clients to inspire them
in terms of color, food, ingredients & brand stories. Cindy’s enthusiasm, passion
and in-depth knowledge of the DTLA scene really brought the tour to life. Her
genuine connections with local business owners provided an insider glimpse into
these brands, which greatly impressed the clients. The clients were extremely
inspired by the tour + even the LA locals who attended expressed how many new
things they learned about their own city. Cindy was the perfect event organizer
and tour guide for our group!

Jen King, Senior Marketing Manager at Symrise

As a local gallery director and person heavily involved in the Los Angeles art scene, I was blown away by the level of detail in our exploration of the Arts District south of 7th. Cindy's amazing tour, combined with Steve's incredible expertise, highlighted a world of art that goes virtually unnoticed by most in the LA art community.  Truly informative and awesome to get a further look into many of the artists that I deal with on a daily basis - highly recommended to anybody interested in art in general and a current rapidly growing/transformative genre of the business.

DTLA Arts District Tour (September 2016)

Ryan Clayman, Castelli Art Framing

Cindy Schwarzstein is a treasure trove of historic and artistic knowledge, as well as a delightful person who manages to talk her way into all kinds of secret spots you’d never see if you weren’t in her capable hands! She customized a tour in Downtown Los Angeles for a diverse group of our friends, which managed to enchant and edify all of us. I enthusiastically recommend her wonderful tours!

Jillian Lauren, author at and Scott Shriner, bassist with Weezer

On November 17th, 2016, Airbnb hosted a festival, Airbnb Open, in Downtown Los Angeles with over 10,000 attendees.  This large-scale marketing event was Airbnb’s largest b-to-b initiative to date and required expert local resources in experiential marketing and program management.  Cindy Schwarzstein of Cartwheel Art Tours was hired to develop a customized large-scale program of local experiences to activate on the first day of the event.

Without a doubt, Cindy’s wealth of experience in the local art scene and vast network in Los Angeles was a tremendous asset to the Airbnb team.

From the beginning, it was evident Cindy could create a highly detailed program on a large scale while keeping the engagement between artists and attendees personalized and unique.  To produce quantity while maintaining quality is a talent and gift in the event industry. This is one of Cindy’s strengths.  As our program needs evolved and scaled, Cindy was creative and adaptable to the changes required to the program.

Whether you are looking to produce a small intimate experience or a large-scale event activation, Cindy is a consummate professional and she has the talent and resources to meet your objectives and goals.

Alina Myklebust, Airbnb Open Community Program Leader

Doing a mural tour in the Arts District with Cartwheel art is one of the most enriching ways to gain an understanding of public art in Los Angles. If your an Angeleno or a tourist and would like a better understanding of the murals of our city, Cartwheel Art is the way to go.

Rodrigo Ribera d’EbreAuthor of A Grave SituationWriter /co-director for Dark Progressivism: On Rupture and Rebellion