Cartwheel Art publishes an online art magazine with engaging content and provides a full range of promotional and editorial media services in addition to producing and offering tours, currently specializing in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, where we are based. 

Cartwheel Art Magazine:

Focusing on artists an the art community, Cartwheel Art magazine has become the go-to for Los Angeles art scene news, updates, interviews, reviews and coverage of local and national art fairs. With an art-smart, experienced staff and guest editorial contributors including artists, gallerists, and curators, is bold, fresh and original. Just like the art we cover.

Cartwheel Art Services: 

Tailored, specific services are offered by Cartwheel Art to fulfill your needs with editorial promotion, media strategy, event and art show planning and consultation.

Cartwheel Art Tours

Private and public group tours are offered currently in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, where we are based. Most tours in the Los Angeles Arts District include a map, created by Cartwheel Art, identifying the murals, artist studios, galleries, event spaces, restaurants, bars and cafes and other speciality businesses in the vibrant Arts District.

Cindy Schwarzstein, Founder of Cartwheel Art Magazine and Cartwheel Art Tours

download-28Cartwheel Art founder Cindy Schwarzstein combines her experience in Hospitality and Tourism Management and as an art consultant with over two decades of event planning and production and project management in the art/music and surf/skate/snow industries. Her experience includes hospitality management, trade show management, tour management, operation management, project management and management in publishing and print production.

Her exposure to art began at an early age in Haiti, where her parents owned an art gallery, in addition to being raised in Laguna Beach, an art colony. Her interest in art expanded while working in the surf/skate/snow industries. Cindy’s background in the hospitality industry was spurred  by growing up in Laguna Beach, considered a tourist destination as well as an art colony. Cindy has a Bachelor of Science from University of Massachusetts – Amherst in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Cindy is an Arts District resident, a Los Angeles River Artists and Business (LARABA) Board Member, a founding member of the Committee for the Advancement of Mural Proliferation (CAMP) and a guest speaker for numerous universities, art organizations and most recently a panelist at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) for a panel discussion on murals.

Lisa Derrick, Editorial Director, Writer

LISA DERRICK honed her writing skills at Larry Flynt Publications and while covering nightlife for New Times Los Angeles. She branched out, co-creating Grammy Magazine as an editor and writer, and co-created, designed, and launched Sacred History Magazine, where she focused on cultural and artistic aspects of religion.

Along with writing for and editing Cartwheel Art Magazine,  Lisa writes for and contributes to The Huffington Post. Her art has shown at Coagula Curatorial and Illuminoidist gallery in Long Beach, and she curated the acclaimed “Two Johns and Whore” which opened January 11, 2014 at Coagula Curatorial. She has also shown in group shows througout the Greater Los Angeles area.

IMG_1492Julia Faith, Contributing Photographer

Julie Faith is an urban art photographer who focuses primarily on graffiti and street art, the very nature of which is fleeting and therefore must be documented. Her passion and joy are in capturing the unexpected, the spontaneous, the magical. She spends countless hours searching for art hidden in plain sight on the streets of LA and beyond. “There is simply nothing better,” Julie says, “than going into a situation unscripted, eyes wide open, camera in hand, and discovering something glorious.” Julie is captivated and inspired by the work of photographers Henri Cartier-Bresson, Vivian Maier, Martha Cooper, HollowDoubt, and the Lady Art Mafia

Angelina Coppola, Contributor

Cartwheel_ArtAngelina Coppola is a third-generation Angeleno and a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. She received her B.A in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She has previously worked as an Editorial and Marketing Assistant at Rare Bird Lit, an independent publishing company based in Downtown LA. Her first published short story, Desert Mermaid, was recommended for publication by Joyce Carol Oates, her former professor. Her own writing has been covered in LA Magazine, The Washington Post, and CNET Australia, among others. She currently lives and writes in Los Angeles.

Wendy Sherman, Contributor

A successful graphic designer and Downtown Los Angeles Arts District resident, Wendy Sherman has worked with the Robert Berman Gallery and Copro Gallery in Santa Monica and Coagula Curatorial in Chinatown. She has curated exhibitions at Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, where she was invited to serve on the Advisory Board. Wendy is completing her masters in Exhibition Design at Cal State Fullerton and in April 2014, she will mount her thesis exhibition titled “Hearsay: Artists Reveal Urban Legends.”

paul k


Paul Koudounaris, PhD., Contributor

Art historian and bon vivant Paul Koudounaris is the author of the books Empire of Death and Heavenly Bodies.


Dahlia Jane, Writer

Dahlia grew up feeling out of place in the conservative North Shore of Chicago. Frequently alienating others with her head in a book or up in the clouds, Dahlia found relief on frequent trips into the city to look at the Impressionist paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago.

She started her blog, Upon a Midnight Dreary, in 2009 as an outlet for her fascination with the macabre and memento mori.  Through creating content for the blog, she discovered a world of up and coming dark artists in Los Angeles and felt at home with other people for the first time.  She loves dissecting the truth behind a work of art.  Her goal is to help artists reach a wider audience and since summer 2013 she has also been contributing Artist Spotlight features to Auxiliary Magazine. Her art collection includes original works by David Van Gough, Krystopher Sapp, Stefanie Vega and Dan Harding.

download-1Lauren Over, Writer, Photographer

Lauren Over is an artist/photographer/writer from a medium-sized town in Pennsylvania. Her earliest influences: book illustration, album covers, national geographic magazines and classic cars. She’s interested in the surreal, symbolism, collage and the use of text. When she’s not wandering the streets of L.A. with her camera, she does illustration and participates in shows. Lauren graduated from Tyler School of Art with a BFA in Drawing and Painting, and is working on her MFA at California State University, Los Angeles.

Iris Towery, Editorial Intern

Iris is a student at Cal State Dominguez Hills majoring in Mass Communications with an emphasis on theory and research. Some time, when you feel like losing a few brain cells, ask her about the matriarchal family unit as depicted in Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, on which she recently wrote a 25-page paper. When she isn’t in class or attending art openings and concerts, she plays the cello and collects gold spray-painted plastic dinosaurs. Iris shares her apartment in Downtown LA with her dog Zombie and an embarrassing amount of near-deceased houseplants.

download-34Baha Danesh, Writer, Photographer

Baha explains that “happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with creative energy, love, grace, and gratitude” and for Baha – art is happiness. Born in Iran Tehran, she moved with her parents moved to sunny Los Angeles after the Iranian Revolution. Being so close to the entertainment and business capital of L.A., Baha was inspired to start exploring and documenting her artistic surroundings. Today she is very involved with L.A.’s underground art community and works as a fine artist and commercial illustrator who founded the art collective L’art Pour L’art. According to Baha Danesh, “creating art is a form of expression that creates culture and culture shapes values and values determine the future.” She believes the creative process is, above all, the best adventure of the mind, body, and soul.

Benjamin Alejandro, Contributor
Alejandro is well known for appropriating a mug shot of himself into silkscreens and street based works. Arrested for graffiti, the artist created a signature look with an experience that many would try and hide. His photographs are also awesome.

Tarah Arnold, Contributor
TARAH ARNOLD has always been intrigued, fascinated, and surrounded by art. As a child she collected miniature art books, tirelessly studying them nightly. She currently collects vintage papers, pinups and posters from all eras. Her favorite time period in history is the turn of the 20th century, because it had Art Nouveau, extraordinary fashion, and plumbing.

Michelle Berc, Contributor  Michelle Brec is the founder/creator of Create:Fixate, Los Angeles’ experiential art fair.

Lindsay Carron
Lindsay is an art activist who utilizes ballpoint pen to render life-size depictions of the beautiful creatures of our earth.

Greg Escalante, Contributor

Greg Escalante, owner of Copro Gallery and co-founder of Juztapoz Magazine, was the driving force behind Kustom Kulture II at the Huntington Beach Arts Center, and is a long-time collector and supporter of  Low Brow and Pop Surrealism.

Marilyn Nix, Contributor

The first Southern California editor of ArtWeek, over the years Marilyn has contributed articles to a number of publications and catalogs; co-founded with Barbara Burden Carp, a non-profit alternative arts organization; and participated in the Pacific Standard Time documentation of Los Angeles art history with the Getty Research Institute and the Laguna Art Museum. One of Marilyn’s current projects is cataloging an archive of art ephemera collected in Los Angeles in the 1970s which includes hundreds of collected postcard announcements and mailers.

Luis Ochoa, Contributor

Luis worked as Palm Springs Life magazine’s social events photographer, and later as a staff photographer with the Desert Sun, where he shot both news and society photos, Luis moved to Los Angeles to work as a freelance photographer and at Modern Multiples, a premier fine arts serigraphy and digital printmaking studio. He loves and is passionate about LA.

Keith Ross Dugas, Contributor

Keith has shown his artwork in galleries in Florida, Nevada, and California, including 808 in Silver Lake, Gallery 3 in Reno, and Westside Underground in Santa Monica. He blogs about off-center art at

Lee Joseph, Contributor

Immersed in art and music around the clock, LEE JOSEPH works as a visual arts and pop culture event publicist and runs the underground indie label Dionysus Records.

Lee collects illustrative artworks, many of which have already made perfect album covers. Numerous pieces in his collection — by Damian Fulton, Heather Watts, Rockin’ Jelly Bean, Shag, Lisa Petrucci, Winston Smith, and others — were created for (or later became) feature art for Dionysus LPs and seven-inches.



Alex Gordon, Writer

Music producer and recording artist ALEX GORDON is from a family art of collectors, and began his interest in art as a kid by collecting comic books. As he grew up, his taste expanded to include abstract art, African tribal art, and Pop Surrealism.

He likes to do email interviews.