Create the experience of a lifetime with one of our private custom tours. Learn more about the art and culture of Los Angeles through our magazine, and activate your next event with art, music, and community.


Cartwheel Art designs custom tour itineraries and experiences for private and public groups. We engage individuals and groups, whether local or visiting, in immersive adventures that include art, food, and history. We focus on supporting artists and artisan businesses in the neighborhoods we explore.

Private tour experiences are offered throughout the culturally diverse neighborhoods of Los Angeles, including the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, where we are based. (Download our map of the neighborhood!)

Only Cartwheel Art Tours offer guests the exclusive opportunity to discover, explore, and experience Los Angeles neighborhoods through the perspectives of a rotating, eclectic team of knowledgeable and passionate insiders, who are deeply connected to their community.

Read more about Cartwheel Art founder Cindy Schwarzstein and the rest of the Cartwheel Art team.


Art Activation: Cartwheel Art offers tailored services to turn your event into an engaging art environment with our memorable arts programming. Live painting, installations, exhibitions, and immersive art experiences come together to express the vibrancy of Los Angeles and beyond.

Consulting: Our consulting services connect you with hundreds of unique creatives, matching artists to brands and fostering creative collaborations.

Media Promotion: Custom media services offered by Cartwheel Art provide editorial promotion and media strategy for your events and art shows.

The Magazine

Cartwheel Art is based in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, and our magazine focuses on the DTLA art scene. Read interviews with Los Angeles artists and members of the Arts District community, and find out about upcoming DTLA art events, gallery openings, and immersive experiences. Cartwheel Art Magazine is bold, fresh, and original—just like the art we cover.