Discover Los Angeles's culturally diverse neighborhoods like a true insider with Cartwheel Art. Our immersive tours provide the opportunity for guests to engage with the community and explore the historic, hidden, and emerging forms of creativity deeply rooted in our city's unique pockets. Each tour offers a behind the scenes perspective, crafted by renowned curator and tastemaker Cindy Schwarzstein and led by her revolving team of passionate insiders, experts, makers, and artists.


  • Rodrigo Ribera d’Ebre<br>Author of A Grave Situation<br>Writer/co-director for Dark Progressivism: On Rupture and Rebellion

    Doing a mural tour in the Arts District with Cartwheel art is one of the most enriching ways to gain an understanding of public art in Los Angles. If your an Angeleno or a tourist and would like a better understanding of the murals of our city, Cartwheel Art is the way to go.

    - Rodrigo Ribera d’Ebre
    Author of A Grave Situation
    Writer/co-director for Dark Progressivism: On Rupture and Rebellion
  • Gerry Chambliss

    Don’t miss this tour if you’re looking for something a bit offbeat and new. You won’t be sorry! I took the Arts district Mural Tour on a lark and was so very glad I did! It was very interesting and fun. I definitely saw a lot of murals I wouldn’t have seen otherwise and gained a new appreciation for the art. Cindy is very knowledgeable and generous with her information.

    Guest on the LA Art Show Mural Tour

    - Gerry Chambliss
  • Abigal Eats, blogger for Where Abigal Went

    For anyone who loves art or just wants to see a different side of Downtown LA, Cindy’s Cartwheel Art Tours are a must-do, and possibly the most enriching tour you’ll experience in Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to go on her first-ever public tour, and it completely opened my eyes to the thriving art scene in Los Angeles, both past and present. All the guest speakers she lined up were generous in sharing their own experiences as artists or working with local artists, and it was amazing to hear all their first-hand accounts. Cindy is possibly the best guide you could hope for – warm, knowledgeable and very well connected with the local art community.

    Guest on the Arts District Tour (North)

    - Abigal Eats, blogger for Where Abigal Went
  • Juri Guevera

    This tour blew me away in terms of how much diversity, and history, it had to offer. In the few hours we had with Cindy, we got to do everything from eat pie from The Pie Hole, tour the heart of The Downtown LA Arts District, see some live graffiti being made firsthand, visit a hip little bar-cade joint, which is basically a mix between a bar and an arcade, with a drink and some old school arcade fun, (one of the highlights of the tour), a tour of the ever-expanding, highly-acclaimed Angel City Brewery, complete with beer tastings, and topped off a special rooftop visit of the brewery itself.
    It was so much more than I was expecting to get from a single tour, and well worth its weight in online reviews. If you really want to get a feel for what DTLA is really about, you have to give this tour a go. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?

    Guest on a private tour with Google for their #CityExperts program. (November 22nd, 2014)

    - Juri Guevera
  • Katherine Mankin

    Cartwheel DTLA-mural tour is amazing. Murals in public spaces and, to my surprise, murals in private spaces. I never knew that such existed and without Cartwheel, would not have had access to them even if I had known. Along with the murals, Cindy included other notable DTLA locations, such as a brewery and a private loft residence, and also brought LA artists to accompany us and talk about what we were seeing, which made it all the more interesting. Cindy also has personal knowledge of DTLA area and her enthusiasm is infectious. Highly recommend!

    Guest on Cartwheel Art Tours Mural Tour (January 29,2015)

    - Katherine Mankin
  • Jennifer Windaham

    It’s not often in life that you get to give your best friend a perfect present. It was a milestone birthday for my dearest pal from Back East, and she is a lover of art, fashion, and design, with a particular interest in graffiti. I was so fortunate to have Cindy Schwarzstein of Cartwheel Art help me plan an incredible afternoon as my gift to my friend. She recommended a range of great neighborhood spots for lunch prior to our tour; she arranged for a graffiti expert to join us for a portion of the tour; she arranged for a special visit into an artist’s studio as he prepared for an upcoming show; and she gave us a wonderful overview of the Arts District in general, both on foot and by automobile. It was a terrific day, and my friend and I had a great time. We concluded our tour invigorated and inspired by all we saw and experienced. It is a rare thing to be in the presence of someone whose work is her passion — someone who has loads of knowledge to share and who does so in a manner that doesn’t intimidate but rather engages wholeheartedly. Cindy Schwarzstein is that person. I look forward to taking another tour with Cindy in the future, and I enthusiastically recommend Cartwheel Art Tours.

    Organizer for private group tour, in the DTLA Arts District with Cartwheel Art Tours (February 23rd, 2016)

    - Jennifer Windaham
  • Gemma Sonego, Project Manager Robert Reynolds Gallery

    I very much enjoyed today with Cartwheel Art Tours, which I highly recommend. kudos to Cindy Schwarzstein, an amazing explorer who shares her insights of a still unaltered, unhipster genuine rough and tough artists neighborhood that’s South of Seventh. Big shout out goes to co-host and graffiti art expert Steve Grody.

    Guest on the South of Seventh (Arts District adjacent), Neighborhood Tour with Cartwheel Art Tours (March 6th, 2016)

    - Gemma Sonego, Project Manager Robert Reynolds Gallery
  • Aaron Feterl

    Being a native Angeleno, I think Cindy’s tour was the most authentic looks I’ve had of the city’s Arts District. Cindy’s co-guide, graffiti art historian Steve Grody, was the highlight for me and I plan on buying his book after getting a glimpse of how knowledgeable he is. The tour exceeded all expectations and is well worth the price of admission.

    Guest on the South of Seventh (Arts District adjacent), Neighborhood Tour with Cartwheel Art Tours (March 7th, 2016)

    - Aaron Feterl
  • Ruth Tooker, Ad Director Architectural Digest

    Cindy is such a pro! Highly recommend her customization and passion for making the tours personal. She’s an expert on the LA art scene and especially strong relationships with the emerging artists around town. Have already booked a custom trip for clients so they too can enjoy her amazing tours.

    Guest on BritWeek Tour (May 2016)

    - Ruth Tooker, Ad Director Architectural Digest
  • Ryan Clayman, Castelli Art Framing

    As a local gallery director and person heavily involved in the Los Angeles art scene, I was blown away by the level of detail in our exploration of the Arts District south of 7th. Cindy’s amazing tour, combined with Steve’s incredible expertise, highlighted a world of art that goes virtually unnoticed by most in the LA art community.  Truly informative and awesome to get a further look into many of the artists that I deal with on a daily basis – highly recommended to anybody interested in art in general and a current rapidly growing/transformative genre of the business.

    DTLA Arts District Tour (September 2016)

    - Ryan Clayman, Castelli Art Framing


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10 Jun 2017

Preview: Solo Exhibition “Never Say Never”by Tanner Goldbeck at THESE DAYS – Opening Reception Saturday June 10th

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Preview:  Solo Exhibition “Never Say Never”by Tanner Goldbeck at THESE DAYS – Opening Reception Saturday June 10th

The opening reception for NEVER SAY NEVER, a solo exhibition featuring new work by Tanner Goldbeck, is Saturday June 10th from 7pm-10pm at THESE DAYS, in Downtown Los Angeles. Through painting, drawings, and photographs, Goldbeck expresses his experience of a decade lived in downtown Los Angeles. Goldbeck’s work reflects the organized chaos of Downtown Los […]

10 Jun 2017

Save the Date: Art Share L.A. Open House – Thursday June 15th

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Save the Date: Art Share L.A. Open House – Thursday June 15th

Join us at Art Share L.A. in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District on Thursday, June 15th for their Open House! They will be showing off the many areas of their building and how they all fit together in our 28,000 sq. ft. of space. RSVP here. The following is an outline of the activities […]

6 Jun 2017

Save the Date: Los Angeles Design Festival – Thursday June 8th through Sunday June 11th

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Save the Date: Los Angeles Design Festival – Thursday June 8th through Sunday June 11th

The LA Design Festival announce’s the 2017 program and the recipients of the ICON and EDGE Awards. Now in its seventh year, the Festival honors LA’s rich creative culture and its status as a global city of design. In a departure from years past, the LA Design Festival is being abbreviated from a fortnight of festivities […]

4 Jun 2017

Event coverage: Sanctuary created by FUTURE TONGUE and NEW GUARD THEATER COMPANY

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Event coverage: Sanctuary created by FUTURE TONGUE and NEW GUARD THEATER COMPANY

Future Tongue and New Guard Theater opened Sanctuary June 2, at the Little Tokyo Art Complex in downtown Los Angeles.  The exhibition runs through June 11 with evolving highlight performances throughout the week. “The new exhibit, called Sanctuary, will involve five artists who will take over a space in downtown Los Angeles to investigate the […]