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Cartwheel Art Tours: Pico-Union (ktownwallz_project)

October 16, 2016 @ 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm



Join Cartwheel Art Tours, on Saturday October 16th, for an in-depth graffiti tour experience, with Steve Grody, author of Graffiti LA and Jonathan Cirlin (aka espy dpt znc), muralist, artist and curator of “ktownwallz_project” in Pico-Union.

It’s on this tour where we’ll explore six alleys, in a neighborhood with old craftsman homes, and discover 200 graffiti walls. The walls have been painted by local and international writers and artists, who are part of a community beautification project, curated by espy dpt znc.

This will be a great opportunity to become familiar with the major forms of modern graffiti by a variety of graffiti “writers” as well as street art and some archival gang writing scribed into the sidewalks.

By the time the tour is done, everybody will have a more “educated eye” with which to evaluate the burgeoning street art scene, while learning about a new neighborhood beautification project, happening here in Los Angeles.

Beverages for the tour will be provided by Califia Farms.

To enhance the experience, join us at the end of the tour for food and beverages at Pollos El Brasero, a local neighborhood favorite. Note: food and beverage not included in the ticket price.


The following is a partial list of Graffiti artists who have painted walls with the ktownwallz_project, curated by Jonathan Cirlin (aka espy dpt znc):

espy – dpt znc, Los Angeles, CA; Fintan Magee, Belbourn; Dytch66 – CBS, Los Angeles, CA; Mers – CBS, Los Angeles, CA; Clowns – TITS, Los Angeles, CA; Mews – TITS, Los Angeles, CA; Giant – Rebel8, Los Angeles, CA; Sril – SLC, UT; Birdo, Canada; The Grominator, Canada; They Drift, Seattle WA; Stainer, NY; Never Disatisfied, NY; Never Cult, Los Angeles, CA; Jaber, Los Angeles, CA; Sloke,TX; Solver – JHF, Los Angeles, CA; Binho, Brazil; Tewsr – CBS, Los Angeles, CA; Paser – MFK, TN; Cab, Los Angeles, CA; Cink, Los Angeles, CA; Pin – 4KP, Los Angeles, CA; Ozer – MSK, Los Angeles, CA; Versus – ITS, Los Angeles, CA; Fishekog – ITS, Los Angeles, CA; Asia, Miami FL; Ladieone, Miami, FL; Bulk,MSG, Miami FL; Kets, Denmark; Damn, Denmark; Reks, Denmark; Dcypher – CBS, Los Angeles, CA; Gore, dpt,znc,fx,fua,sedan; Isrek – AUB, Los Angeles, CA; Werk – NR, Los Angeles, CA; Phobia – NR, Los Angeles,CA; Camer, San Francisco, CA; Eyeser – AUB, Las vegas, NV; Aiseborn – UTI, Los Angeles, CA; Japan – DE, Los Angeles, CA; Vox – K2S, Los Angeles, CA; Woier – K2S, Los Angeles, CA


Photo by Cindy Schwarzstein

More about Steve Grody:

Steve Grody is a photographer, historian and the author of Graffiti LA: Street Styles and Art. Before Steve Grody earned his B.A. in fine arts, he was also involved in his era’s ‘pop’ graphics, psychedelic art.

When he saw spray can murals popping up around Los Angeles’ walls, he immediately recognized their creativity and verve. Since 1990, he has been driving across L.A. and searching its back alleys, washes and abandoned lots in search of this vernacular art. Over the years he cultivated trust amongst L.A.’s most prolific, skilled and infamous graffiti ‘writers’ allowing him access to obscure locations, and through interviews clarified their motivations, and thoughts on creativity as well as the troublesome aspects of its illegality. His obsessive drive to document this distinctive youth underground has resulted in an archive of over 35,000 images. From this he has chosen the best work to illustrate the range of styles and approaches of this urban phenomenon in Graffiti L.A.: Street Styles and Art (Abrams 2007).

In 2011 his photographs were in the MOCA “Art of the Streets” show and catalogue, and he was co-curator of “Street Cred: Graffiti Art from Concrete to Canvas” at the Pasadena Museum of California Art.


Photo by: Jeffrey sklan

More about Jonathan Cirlin (aka espy dpt znc):  Jonathan Cirlin (aka espy dpt znc), was born and raised in New Jersey. He’s a self taught artist, and muralist who came to Los Angeles in 2006. Since then he’s been securing wallspace for artists to express their art form, as well as his own. For the last ten years he’s been providing hundreds of well-known and unknown artists wall space, in an effort to beautify his community through the art project he calls “ktwonwallz_project.” epsy specializes in curating walls for out-of-state and international artists, coordinating with business owners and residents while providing a safe and cleaner environment for the artists and his neighbors. His goal has been and continues to be, to provide graffiti writers with places to express themselves, through a legal channel.

Notes for this adventure:

• Street Parking is available.
• This is a walking tour through six alleys. We will be walking on uneven surfaces and rough terrain. Comfortable walking and closed-toe shoes only.
•  Please dress appropriately for the weather.
• A signed liability waiver is required by all attendees.
•  All sales Final