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Cartwheel Art Tours x Atlas Obscura: Lincoln Heights – Modern Multiples, and Artist Studio’s of Dave Lefner and Michael “Torquato” DeNicola

September 24, 2016 @ 10:00 am - 12:30 pm


IMG_2288 copy

Studio of  Michael ‘Torquato” DeNicola

Celebrate Utopia Week with Cartwheel Art Tours and Atlas Obscura! Meet painters and printmakers whose community, studios, and artwork reflect their utopic visions of the world.


Private Home & Studio of Dave Lefner: Jump in the ’63 Continental and hit the road to bask in the bright sunshine of California in the 1960’s. Our first stop will be the home of Dave Lefner, a master printer who creates detailed linocuts of vintage neon, cars, and pop culture. His studio is located inside one of the oldest and largest art colonies in the world, a vast campus of twenty-one former warehouses (including the Edison Electric Steam Power Plant and Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery).

Private Studio of Michael ‘Torquato” DeNicola: Ride the waves without leaving the shore. Meet Michael ‘Torquato” DeNicola, an artist and surfer who creates hypnotic paintings inspired by his favorite breaks. Returning from a surf adventure in North Sumatra, DeNicola transformed his studio by the railroad tracks into a tiny, ocean universe, painting the 1,500 sq/ft floor with patterns and colors inspired by the coral reef.

Modern Multiples: Experience the revolution. Modern Multiples is a fine art print studio, founded by the late master printer Richard Duardo. Nicknamed “The West Coast Warhol,” Duardo is known for his portraits of celebrities such as Frida Kahlo, Elvis, and Jimi Hendrix. He’s also known for his mission to “transform Highland Park into a revolutionary Chicano town” (click here for video). His studios were not just workspaces, but inclusive communities where artists could feed off each others energy. Hundreds of artists have worked with Duardo including icons such as Banksy and Shepard Fairey as well as local legends such as Chaz Bojorquez, Frank Romero, and John Valadez. During our visit, we’ll see a printing demonstration and take home a custom silkscreen print.

Plus snacks! We’ll have coffee, OJ, and breakfast pastries at Dave’s, an assortment of Califia Farms beverages at Mike’s and veggie/cheese tray at Modern Multiples.

Notes for this adventure:
– Park and meet on Moulton Ave: 34.064273, -118.219776
– This is a one mile walking tour with lots of stairs. Please dress for the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes.
– Ages 12 and up. All minors must be accompanied by an adult.
– Our return time is estimated and subject to change.
– Photography is encouraged! Tag #atlasobscura #cartwheelarttours
– A signed liability waiver is required from all attendees
– Advance Tickets Only. All Sales Final.


Dave Lefner’s Studio


Dave Lener’s Studio


Dave Lefner’s Studio


Dave Lefner’s kitchen in his studio

Reef Painting, FLOOR

Michael “Torquato” DeNicola’s Studio


The work of Michael “Torquato” DeNicola in process for his reef painting series


Life Raft by Michael ‘Torquato” DeNicola


Modern Multiples


Modern Multiples


Modern Multiples


Modern Multiples