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Cartwheel Art Tours & Obscura Society LA in Echo Park: The Murals of “Animal Alley”and Belmont Tunnel & Belmont Art Center

March 19, 2016 @ 11:00 am - 1:30 pm

Join Cartwheel Art Tours and Obscura Society LA on an immersive adventure in Echo Park. It’s on this immersive neighborhood tour where the following will occur:

DISCOVER: “Animal Alley”, where Jason Ostro, owner of The Gabba Gallery began three months ago, curating an alley with painted murals in the theme of animals. Jason will speak to the group about the twelve-fifteen murals that have been, painted by internationally well-known and local artist’s, that’s providing a wonderful mix of art which is beautifying the neighborhood and creating a positive conversation among community members. In addition we will meet Clinton Bopp, muralist in the alley and LA, who will be speaking to the group about his art in the alley and connection to the neighborhood with Belmont Tunnel, and Ralph Ziman who will be be speaking to the group about his mural and work internationally.

Artists that have painted in the alley include international artists: Spanish and French duo Dourone, Chilean-German Otto Schade, UK Himbad as well local Los Angeles artists: Afrika 47, Phobik, Leba, Clinton Bopp, Andrea LaHue aka. Random Act, Teachr Jules Muck, Joey Feldman, Moncho 1929, Brett Crawford, Kimbad, Jason Ostro, and a collaboration by CBS Crew members Dcypher, Balestrom (from Holland) and Tewsr.

For recent press about Animal Alley, check out the recent article in the LA Times and this video from NBC News.

In addition, we will discover more about the graffiti art, in the Belmont Arts Center and under the First Street Bridge with Ruben Nuno and Steve Grody. Some of the work seen will be from Hex TGO and Vox with K2S along with other local community members and graffiti crews including LOD. Belmont Arts Center is a creative green art space that pays homage to the original Belmont Tunnel, located across the street from the original yard site.

EXPLORE: The history and graffiti of the Belmont “Tunnel”.  Steve Grody, historian and author of Graffiti LA, will speak on and share historic photographs from the period when the abandoned subway, substation and yard were left intact, attracting many graffiti artists and the homeless, as well being the location for several underground “rave” parties in the 1990s and used in numerous films. Although the “Tunnel” with it’s long rich transportation history– found here on this wikipedia listing–has long blended into the landscape, the substation is still intact and the entrance to the subway although, sealed has been painted with a mural of a Red Car, which glows in the dark, painted by artist Tait Roelofs, will be seen on the tour. In addition, Belmont Station Apartments has offered to provide us the exclusive opportunity to peek through the door that leads into the sealed tunnel. Bring a flashlight! 🙂

EXPERIENCE: The neighborhood on this walking tour.

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Belmont Tunnel and First Street Bridge: 




IMG_8383Hex Tgo

Animal Alley: All photos by Cindy Schwarzstein









Bob Baker Marionette Theater with a mural recently painted by Dabs Myla. Photo by Dabs Myla.


Belmont Art Center: All photos by Cindy Schwarzstein