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Cartwheel Art Tours & Obscura Society LA in Lincoln Heights/North Industrial District, LA: Brewery Arts Complex, and Graffiti at Naud Yard with Steve Grody

March 12, 2016 @ 11:00 am - 2:00 pm


Join Cartwheel Art Tours and Obscura Society LA in Lincoln Heights/North Industrial District, on an immersive adventure. It is on this neighborhood tour, where the following will occur:

Discover:  The Brewery Arts Complex, composed of twenty-one former warehouses (including the Edison Electric Steam Power Plant and Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery) and is known as one of the oldest and largest art colonies in the world. Zigzagging through this vast industrial complex, we’ll visit four select artists, Coop, Dave Lefner, Teale Hatheway and Kelly Reemtsen, in their home/studios for an intimate discussion about their work. (artist bios below)

Explore: graffiti in Naud Yard (also referred to as the Mission Junction), with Graffiti LA author and historian, Steve Grody. The yard, considered to actually be located in the North Industrial District, or Dogtown (not the Dogtown neighborhood in Santa Monica, of Dogtwon & Z-Boys fame), is one of Los Angeles’s oldest and most obscure neighborhoods. It was named after two area junctions of the Southern Pacific Railroad, the entity perhaps most instrumental in the neighborhood’s development. The murals we will be viewing  are by well known contemporary artists Woes, and Pancho Pixel along with graffiti artists Zes, Usek, Esk31, UGLAR, K2S/LOD (Cab, Prime, Cink), Gas, Charlie Crew, Cyber, LTS/KOG Crew, STK Crew, and more. There is also a bus painted with a Alice in Wonderland theme.

Experience: North Main Street, an industrial area, where some of the only buildings left from the time when Los Angeles had it’s own version of a “Little Italy”, exist. It is off this street where we will also see a mural by Herakut and others along with unique buildings.

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The Naud Graffiti Yard: All photos by Steve Grody, author of Graffiti LA.


Pixel Pancho, NaudPixel Pancho

DSC_ , UGLAR, Naud



Along North Main Street:


Herakut mural


More about the artists from Brewery Arts Complex below:



We will meet Coop on the tour. Photo by Tim Sultan. 

12304021_640648026037536_8589902715141946126_oArt by Coop. 

Coop (real name Chris Cooper) a Los Angeles based hot rod artist who describes his occupation as “Insensitive Artiste”. His work consists primarily of barely clothed Bettie Page-style 1950s soft pornography and/or B-movie monsters, with the female characters often taking the role of “Devil-Women”. The image most often associated with his work is however slightly more tame: the face of a grinning devil with a smoking cigar clamped in its teeth.

Popular with many bands and labels, Coop has provided art for several Sympathy for the Record Industry releases as well as the posters for The Reverend Horton Heat, Lords of Acid, Green Day, Nirvana, Soundgarden and The Foo Fighters.

He is an avid hot rod enthusiast and well-known amongst the Kustom Kulture community. He also makes an annual appearance at the Mooneyes Xmas party.

He released a book in 2001 called Devilse Advocate: The Art of Coop. In 2004 he released The Big Fat One, containing 1008 pages of collected sketches, and has recently formed a collaboration with Hot Wheels to sell a series of miniature “Coop-Customized” hot rods. His latest book, “Idle Hands,” was published in 2012 by Baby Tattoo Books, and focuses on his fine art, dating from 2001 to 2012.

Dave Lefner: 


Dave Lefner in his studio at Brewery Lofts Arts Complex. We will  meet him on the tour.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 2.56.57 PM

Art by Dave Lefner

As a native-born Angeleno, artist Dave Lefner, has always had a love for the city that surrounds him. From an early age, he embraced the sunny disposition of the Left Coast, as well as the California “car & motor inn” culture of mid-century optimism. In his work, he yearns for the day when the beauty of American design & craftsmanship was king. From his subject matter to his process, he pays his respects to a time gone by, but finds a way to re-invent its relevance in this contemporary world. For Lefner, the urban landscape, complete with its burnt-out, broken neon, faded and peeling movie posters and advertisements, the web of power-lines and telephone wires overhead, as well as the occasional graffiti piece, serve as the perfect inspiration for his detailed, very limited-edition, reduction linoleum block prints. Check out the documentary video about Dave and his very unusual process.

Teale Hatheway:


Teale Hatheway in her studio. We are excited to meet her on the tour! 


Art by Teale Hatheway.

Teale Hatheway  is a Los Angeles-based artist exploring the intersection of observation, recollection and architecture. Her mixed media paintings explore the theory that environments are remembered as compilations of elements with which we develop emotional or intellectual connections. She extracts details (such as pattern, color, form and texture) from the urban environment and utilizes them to trigger recognition of place. The results are layered, fragmented representations which convey the way we frame, archive, and recall our physical surroundings.

In TentCity, Hatheway’s installation commission for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, there is a collection of 53 hand painted tipis. For the artist, the development of two dimensional patterns into three dimensional forms to create an immersive environment, was a rewarding inversion of her painting practice. The collection of tipis reflects the artist’s interest in multi-cultural and interdisciplinary design and architecture, and resulted in a cohesive yet diverse installation.

Hatheway approaches the practice of art in an investigative, experimental and research-minded way. A fourth generation Angeleno and an advocate of historic preservation, she finds Los Angeles to be an ideal source of subject matter for her paintings. Its history often being dismissed for its future, Hatheway hopes to bring attention to Los Angeles architecture by demonstrating to viewers their often unrealized, but always personal experiences of a city on the cusp of understanding its historical significance.

Teale Hatheway is an internationally exhibited and collected artist. She earned her BA from Scripps College in Claremont, California, where, along with an education in contemporary art practice, she developed a love of western sociology and history. Hatheway studied figurative painting at the Slade School of Fine Arts, University College London. While abroad, she began her personal studies of architecture and urban planning. Upon graduation, Hatheway was awarded for her extensive library featuring readings on spatial theory, architecture, stage design, photography, art, urban planning and the philosophy of the effect of structures on the human condition. She acquired additional knowledge through studies of photography and architecture at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena.

Kelly Reemtsen:


We will meet Kelley Reemtsen in her studio at the Brewery Arts Complex.

Kelly Studio

In Kelley Reemtsen’s studio

Kelley Reemtsen, is a Los Angeles based artist in the Brewery Arts Complex. The paintings for which she is best known are elaborate depictions of the role of the modern day woman. Strikingly feminine at first glance, with their figures adorned in fashionable vintage designer dresses and runway-worthy accessories, Reemtsen’s women are not simply pinup girls or arm candy. Rather, the women, while dressed to the nines, undertake household, and often traditionally masculine, tasks. The objects that they hold, from dishrags to wrenches to even chainsaws, range from being domestic to borderline menacing, and yet, as a body of work, answer the question as to the proper role of the contemporary woman. Reemtsen’s answer to that is quite simple – anything! Anonymous torsos, the women remain beautiful representations of the female with which anyone can identify. In terms of technique, Reemtsen’s work, with its thick impasto, represents a masterly handling of paint, which can be seen throughout her oeuvre of women, as well as the other subjects that she has tackled including detailed series of chairs and pills.

Kelley studied Fashion Design and Painting at Central Michigan University and California State University Long Beach. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States, including her 2013 exhibition America’s Sweetheart at De Buck Gallery, and is included in many collections including the corporate collections of 20th Century Fox (Los Angeles) and Bon Appetite (San Francisco). She was most recently an Artist in Residence at the Venice Printmaking Studio in Italy.