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Obscura Society LA Explores “Gabba Art District” in LA, with Cartwheel Art Tours

November 21, 2015 @ 11:00 am - 1:30 pm



Join Cartwheel Art Tours and Obscura Society LA, for an immersive urban art exploration tour on street art, in an unknown area of Historic Filipino Town. It is here where we will discover the over 80 murals recently painted, by local and international, emerging and well-known street artists, located in the alleys of what is now called the Gabba Art District. This is an incredible opportunity to learn first-hand from Jason Ostro, curator of the project and gallery director of The Gabba Gallery, also located in the neighborhood, and artists who have painted in the alleys, about the history of the project, consisting of artists using every surface, as their canvas including stairways, dumpsters, gated fences and garage doors, which has transformed the community.

In addition to meeting many of the artists in the alley by their work, some of whom will be painting live for our group, we will hear their perspective on painting murals in LA and the global street art movement. A list of artists that have painted murals in the Gabba Art District are as follows: Dourone, Jason Botkin, Katie Green, Raphael Grischa, Phobik, Moncho1929, Andrea LaHue aka Random Act, Jason Ostro, Jennifer Korsen, Bandit, LOUDLABS, Peter Greco, MD MN, Clinton Bopp, Annie Preece, Matt Gondek, Gianni Arone, The Bleep Bloop, SpaceGoth, Johnny Brushstrokes, Wrdsmith, Thrashbird, Sketchy, Teachr, Septerhed, ThanksOne, Jules Muck, KrossD, Save the Panduhs, Mar, Blandy, Dour One, LeBA, ZLA, Afrika_47 aka Ralph Zimon and Pastey Whyte

After the tour of the murals in the alleys, we will visit the gallery to experience the work of many of the same artists and more, in the highly anticipated cash-and-carry “Wishlist 3” exhibition of over 60 contemporary artists, where artists and collectors are able to purchase work at affordable prices, created for holiday shopping. A unique component of the exhibition is that it brings a dynamic visual voyage as sold works are removed and replaced by new pieces. “The gallery was re-curated nine times within just a few hours during the opening” wrote Deborah Vankin of Wishlist 1 in the LA Times.
It is in the gallery, where we will also be offered the opportunity to hear more about the artists work on the walls by many of the artists and meet the curator.

The tour will be led by Cindy Schwarzstein, Cartwheel Art online-magazine’s founder and Cartwheel Art Tours director, who lives and works in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District. Cindy, a long-time collector of emerging artists work, is involved with a diverse number of mural and community groups as well as serving on the board of the Los Angeles Artists and River Business Association (LARABA).


More details still to come… Stay tuned. 🙂

Top photo provided by The Gabba Gallery.


Photo provided by The Gabba Gallery.


Photo provided by The Gabba Gallery.

IMG_9537Photo provided buy The Gabba Gallery.


Photo by Instagrafite.


Photo by Kung Fu Breakfast.


Line-up of artists that will be on exhibition with work available at The Gabba Gallery.