Coagula Curatorial Grand Opening: Tim Youd on the Walls, Beuys in the Basement

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Art critic Mat Gleason, a man both feared and respected by the Los Angeles art world, opened up his own gallery,  Coagula Curatorial on Saturday, April 21st. The place was packed with an insider’s list of the who’s-who in the art world, including curators, directors, and even a puppy or two. In fact, there were so many of them that they spilled out of the gallery and onto the walking street of Chung King Road, where a man was serenading everyone’s micro-sermons with the sounds of his guitar.

Inside of the gallery there were two exhibits going on, awesomely displayed on rock n’ roll and Rasta style concert posters as well as the walls.  I thought it was a really cool move by Mat to offer works priced in a spectrum like this, from accessible to unobtainable. I mean, even Tim Youd’s drawings of vaginas thumbtacked to the walls started at only a few hundred dollars, while the prices went up as you reached the photos by the late, German-born  Fluxus artist Beuys in the basement. The show really has it all, from interactivity to shock with substance. And not only is the level of care for each piece of art high on behalf of the creators, but also on the gallery as well. Bravo, Mat, bravo!


Tim Youd, “Coney Island of the Mind”
MIchael Montefort, “Beuys in the Basement”
Coagula Curatorial
977 Chung Kings Rd.
Chinatown, LOS ANGELES 90012
Weds-Sun 1 p.m.-5  p.m.; or by appointment

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