Hurley’s Blacked Out at Hurley HQ, Costa Mesa

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This one-night show presented by Dalek and the Hurley Art Team last week. The show was titled Blacked Out. See, Hurley has the black Phantom Fuse boardshort: mostly black, with two stripes of highlighter-color neon. So why not explore “the color palette of all back with a singular pop color”? (View this boardshort here — There was upwards of 40 artists involved, and it was a rush to get through it all before 9:15. Suddenly the band was packed up, the place was quiet and there were still three more walls of pop color to see. Hurley kept the lights on for a few more stragglers…too bad it can’t be up for longer. This is an outstanding group show. Highlights include a green and black Bigfoot painting on a wood panel and a pink and black ink on paper by Natalia Fabia. June 22, 2012, Costa Mesa, Ca. – Dana Nichols

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