ARRESTED MOTION curates the group exhibit “City of Fire”

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ARRESTED MOTION, an art blog followed by more than 36,000 people, curated its first West-Coast exhibit of 2012 — named “CITY ON FIRE.” The show was inside of the boutique jewelry store STEPHEN WEBSTER, which is on the walking road of RODEO DRIVE – the most elite retail section of the 90210 zip code. And if you’re a fan of the film UHF, like myself and my friends who drove to the show with me, then you won’t be able to stop saying the name of the street like Uncle Harvey either, with an elongated rooooooodeooooo driiiiiiive exhaled from the top of your nose. The opening reception was tightly packed with artists, collectors, and writers — so flashes from cameras were going off everywhere you looked. And although it was hard to navigate through the crowd to see the art, each piece was so epic that you could stand at any point in the room and it would pop out at you like it needed to be seen by your eyes alone. Especially, the interactive sculpture by Crycle, which guests could turn to make new formations of sentence structures and reveal hidden curiosities. If you go to this exhibit, which I highly suggest you do, then be sure to look out for hidden gems by Jeff Soto [directly to the left when you get to the second floor] and TrustoCorp [a mechanical horse directly to your left when you enter the store].

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