Artists Reinterpret Their Favorite Video Games at GIANT ROBOT 2

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GIANT ROBOT GALLERY is a place where artists can explore their imaginations without fear. Whereas a frou-frou gallery in Culver City might spite their noses at the fact that any of their artists would want to make a painting based upon their favorite video game, let alone play one, Giant Robot would fully promote it. And so their current exhibit “GAME OVER” does exactly that. I can’t even count how many brilliant and fun artists are in this current show because there are simply too many. But there isn’t a single piece that doesn’t uplift your spirits like a mofo and make you want to start recalling all your fond memories of your favorite Street Fighter slogans or Mrs. Pac Man experiences. However, the undisputed highlights of the exhibit were two actual playable games created by artists specifically for the show. One, an analog board game, and the other, named CAT BURGER, an arcade style video game complete with joystick and buttons.

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