Edward Walton Wilcox AT Merry Karnowsky Gallery

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EDWARD WALTON WILCOX creates dark fantasy worlds in his art — including mystical animals, post-apocalyptic landscapes, and spooky windmills. His exhibit, THOUGH YOU SLAY ME, at MERRY KARNOWSKY GALLERY showed the multi-talented nature of his work, seeing as how he presented pieces in mediums as diverse as paintings, illustrations, and sculptures. The latter of which was the centerpiece of the show. A giant windmill, which was entirely hand-carved by WILCOX had two security guards standing around it in order to ensure the motorized turbines wouldn’t hit any guests. And all of its wood was stained dark red and had so many tiny details involved in it that I couldn’t stop studying the piece. For example, there is even a little room that you can look inside that has a whole scene going on in it — showing that WILCOX’s attention to detail didn’t just exist on the external facade, but also on the interior design as well.

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