LALA Gallery – Grand Opening

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LALA GALLERY was filled to the brim with young people on its opening night. And the industrial space, which is located somewhere in downtown LA, was easy to spot since it had a giant RETNA mural across its largest wall. However, it still kind of felt like we were in a part of the city where we could’ve easily gotten stabbed and so I quickly tried to follow the moving crowd upstairs to the gallery to get off the street. Once inside, original works ranging from up-and-comers to established can-men lined the walls. And there was even a sculpture of a mystical snail in the center of the room, which was totally out of place, but radical nonetheless. Then, on the outdoor patio, wooden squares were lit up with dodgy spotlights to display rather massive paintings. Although, my attention was distracted by a man who professionally made balloons and was telling us about his collaboration with a local street artist to create some displays for the night of the opening.

lala-gallery-downtown-x-daniel-rolnik-2-cyrcle-chaos lala-gallery-downtown-x-daniel-rolnik-anthony-lister lala-gallery-downtown-x-daniel-rolnik-augustine-kofie lala-gallery-downtown-x-daniel-rolnik-balloon-face

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