MADE IN VENICE @ The Gallery [74 Market Street]

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MADE IN VENICE is an intimate exhibit that showcases the work of artists who live in Venice Beach [CA]. It’s at a really interesting spot named THE GALLERY, which happens to be across from Larry Bell’s studio, who in addition to having work in museums across the world also has one piece featured in this exhibit. The show is entirely NFS [meaning: NOT FOR SALE] because of its historic nature. I mean, I don’t think there is any other place where you can see street photos of gangsters who lived in Venice Beach during the early 80s by Block [owner of Venice Originals Skate Shop and commercial photographer] next to a huge Ed Moses painting. Yet, it’s important they both be in the same room in order to make it a true and rounded vision of the city. The most exiting part of MADE IN VENICE however is the cactus you can play as a musical instrument. As you flick the prickles of the green desert flower you’ll hear various sounds come out of a little orange amp next to it. It’s quite exciting!!!










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