Ryan McIntosh – Print release on the street

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Ryan McIntosh just enacted the most innovative art releases I’ve ever seen in the history of Los Angeles. He stapled 36 of his prints to a wall on Melrose near the intersection of Formosa and within several hours all of them were snatched up by his various collectors — which included everyone from museum curators to passerby’ss. The prints are of the classic Mac computer icon with three different facial emotions — smiling, frowning, and undecided. And amazingly because Ryan added tabs to the corners of the paper, you could pick them off the wall without damaging the work. However, you did have to be rather tall to reach the ones up at the top, but regardless people still found a way to reach them. Ryan McIntosh released the details of where his prints would be within 4 hours of putting them up. And inspired my imagination as to what a future of street art can hold — considering that it can now be win-win for everyone. It made its surroundings look more beautiful without damaging them, while also allowing enthusiasts of the work to actually be able to take the pieces home, instead of just enjoying them for a few fragile moments.

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