The Fine Art of The Doodle at CHARLIE JAMES GALLERY

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MICHELLE ANDRADE was probably the best doodler in her high school. As in the one that you wished got called up in front of the class to make a masterpiece so that you wouldn’t have to do work for the rest of the day. And now she’s showing at awesome galleries in Chinatown — making all of her hard work at ignoring answers on tests in exchange for drawings of flowery patterns along the papers’ border pay off. However, we can’t’ really consider her work to be simply doodles anymore. Especially, since they’re no longer at the affordable price point of somewhere between not getting beat up by the neighborhood bully to a trade for a sandwich at the local diner. But costs aside, her wonderful Schoolhouse Rock blasts of color and choices of phrases we can all relate to, like “Socially Awkward,” really make her work some of my favorite in the contemporary art scene today.

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