Andy Kehoe and Kelly Allen at Thinkspace Gallery

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Andy Kehoe “Into The Depths
Kelly Allen “Hidden Seeking
Thinkspace Gallery 7/7/12
Text and photos by Lee Joseph

Andy Kehoe‘s “Into The Depths” explores the artist’s memory and imagination. His fairytale-like works touch on both childhood fantasies and adult nightmares/fears, using a dream-scape of nature themes populated with creatures, some sinister, some freighted. The pieces are simultaneously playful and evil. Kehoe works with textures, color, shadows, paint and ink – via poured resin, building numerous layers which give his pieces depth; light glimmers and shadows are cast within the pieces. I had a chance to speak with Kehoe about his process – specifically if he sketches his concepts. Surprisingly, he commented that he does not sketch his ideas–they go directly from his head (and obviously his heart) to his multimedia creations. His method of working would be akin to someone composing a complex piano piece full of emotion and melody in their head, then sitting down and playing it from start to finish – first time out!

Also showing at Thinkspace is Kelly Allen‘s “Hidden Seeking.” Combining nature with graphics, Allen creates a colorful world of collage-like stimuli using negative space which showcases the intensity of her high-contrast art. Allen mixes illustrative and painting skills with equal confidence.

Both shows are up until July 28.

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