Annie Owens’ Motherland and The Ace Is Wild

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Annie Owens’ “Motherland” and “The Ace is Wild” at Copro Gallery, 6/16/12
Text and photos by Lee Joseph

Artist and Hi-Fructose founder Annie Owens’ “Motherland” show at Copro Gallery was inspired by “her nagging desire to connect with her roots and the various encounters along the way” and featured her beautifully flowing interpretations of family members, her southern origins and her early love of Edward Gorey, Charles Addams and old Tim Burton animations. Annie uses the figure of a house to symbolize the nurturing mother and as a part of her “Motherland” installation included two 2-3 foot tall suspended houses made of wood, balsa and paper.

Also present was artist, Hi-Fructose co-conspirator and Annie’s hubby, Attaboy.

Showing concurrent with “Motherland” was a large-format group art show called “The Ace is Wild” which included detailed and surreal ballpoint pen, ink and watercolor on paper works by Mu Pan, John Haverty and Richard Kirk.

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