Group Exhibit at Carmichael Gallery — July 2012

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The latest exhibit at Carmichael Gallery entitled “A Gleeful And Relentless Forward Moving Of Time” has a little bit of everything in it. There are lenticular prints, woven tapestries, and even taxidermied butterflies. In a strange way they all seem to fit in the space together making it feel like a departure from their previous shows because of its less in-your-face attack and more meditative approach — requiring that the viewer actually do their homework to understand the works. For example, Adam Parker Smith’s tapestry is composed entirely out of friendship bracelets, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that just by looking at it. Rumor has it that “A Gleeful And Relentless Forward Moving Of Time” may be one of the last exhibits Carmichael Gallery does in this particular space because their lease is up. However, that could just be hearsay, since the gallery makes no mention of it on their website. Regardless, it’s worth a visit anyways.












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