Live Fast Magazine curates a group exhibit @ Lux/Eros Gallery

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Live Fast Magazine, under the direction of its editor, Vivianne Lapointe, put together a group exhibit at Lux/Eros Gallery for the month of July. The show, “Untamed”, features 20 artists who each have their own unique medium of expression. Although, a subconsciously underlying sense of fashion seems to form a bond between most of the works like a magician’s unseen thread. But maybe it was the context of the opening reception that brought about the feeling — since, at a certain point, the room was full of young models and the older men with lures of fahgeddaboutit beach shirts that try to pick them up. “Untamed” marks not only an excellent presentation of talent, but also a major progression for the gallery, whose inaugural show last month was brilliant, but a bit on the sparse side. So, it’s a great sign to see a gallery progress from show to show and I really hope they keep it up because it’s a sign that they really care about the work and the space they’re in.















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