Three Sheets – a Vintage Movie Poster Show

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Three Sheets – a Vintage Movie Poster Show
The Gallery at 3517 West Sunset 7/21/12
Text and photos by Lee Joseph

The Gallery at 3517 West Sunset is located in the Dustmuffin shop, a comfy and colorful antique and arty boutique in the heart of Silver Lake, CA, owned by artists and designers Diana Jacobs and Kerry Vitiello. Dustmuffin’s gallery space with its’ high ceilings is perfect for large-format works.

Three Sheets” consists of eight Republic Pictures movie posters from the ‘50s (Republic Pictures was an independent film production-distribution company/stuido which operated from 1934 through 1959, and was known for their westerns, movie serials and B films). These framed posters are over six feet tall. Due to their size, each poster is printed on three different sheets. Store co-owner Kerry Vitiello had these near mint condition posters linen backed and framed using archival plexi – the framers did a marvelous job of keeping the posters flat and, due to their size reinforced the frames from the back. The graphics on these posters are minimal and striking – they enticed moviegoers’ with well crafted and bold illustrative graphics – very similar to the comic-book style of the day, except in large format.

I unfortunately missed the half hour presentation by Knotts Landing and Dallas creator and film history teacher David Jacobs gave about Republic Pictures. There will be another presentation for the show’s closing which I will be sure to attend! The exhibition stays open until September 1. Drop by and have a look!

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