Skateboard Art Installation at Sonos Studio

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If you like the aesthetics of skateboards and even more so the concept that they can be displayed as pieces of fine art, then take a stroll down La Brea blvd to SONOS STUDIO. The speaker company’s LA show room is actually a museum space devoted to the sonic arts and one of its major highlights is actually a radical bathroom art installation composed entirely of GIRL [the company, not the gender] skateboards. As I understand it, the creative director of the space was at one time a professional skateboarder, which may be why SONOS STUDIO also has one of the coolest features of all time – a skateboard lending library!!! If you’re unfamiliar with the idea, it’s relatively simple. You arrive to the gallery, show them your ID, and then you can basically borrow a skateboard for free for a little bit. And since the skateboards in the library are all by Santa Cruz, they are works of art in themselves. I mean, not only are they the company that boasts Jim Phillips’ screaming hand, but they also have several decks inspired by The Simpsons — including one that mimics Bart’s board exactly. SONOS STUDIO is open to the public Wed-Sun from 12pm-6pm. Please check here for more details:


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