Ed Freeman: Crisp, Clean Photos of Ordinary Places

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Ed Freeman, musician turned photographer, can make any ordinary thing like a Rally’s Hamburger stand or Gasoline Food Mart into a work of fine art. His crisp photo manipulations are impeccable, and even if you combed them centimeter by centimeter with a high-powered magnifying glass, I doubt you’d find any imperfections. In fact, the works are actually so crisp that it’s hard to wrap your head around what you’re seeing. I mean, you know it’s a photograph, but it almost appears to be a painting, but it’s so unique it almost refuses to be either. Reds pop, blues blast, and greens slam out of the lacquered prints, which are available for purchase through the artist’s studio/gallery in Chinatown. And if you can’t shell out the dough for a fine art edition at this time, which can be the thousands of dollars, he also has his own book available as well as others that his pieces have been published in.

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