A Prequel To Adam Roth’s mural At The US Open Of Surfing

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Before Adam Roth painted his mural at the 2012 US Open of Surfing, he tested out some illustrations on awesome participants’ flesh at the 6th annual Billabong Design for Humanity event. It was a way of practicing the art of staying focused while having a crowd around him and the pressure of a time limit.  Since the faster he could complete each design, the happier the person wearing it would be. Most guests loved the idea of the burger and even played along with the concept of ordering veggie patties or holding the lettuce, while others wanted more elaborate designs — including one girl who tried to dissuade her friends from getting inked and then ended up getting more pieces on her arm than anyone else. The art world is cool, but watching peoples’ faces light up as Adam’s drawings came to life on their skin was pretty incredible!















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