I Got Big Balls at Griffith Park

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You can easily find art in museums, galleries and the streets, but how about a golf course? Ghettogloss founder Fiora Boes made it happen, using an LA golf course to house the talent of 100 artists from various backgrounds. On a warm summer night, Griffith Park’s Wilson Harding Golf Course displayed the work of various creative minds from the worlds of art, music, acting and more. On Thursday night only, “I Got Big Balls” let visitors take in a huge spectrum of aesthetic styles.

The golf balls were the artists’ canvases and on them a variety of visions came to life from names like street artist Becca Midwood, LA Canvas editor Shana Nys Dembrot, artist Gary Baseman and more. Humorous pieces – such as two blue balls put together with a baby on top – sat next to more serious, visually complex pieces. While some golf balls served as the entire piece, others were only a small part of the whole. They weren’t simply prettily painted golf balls – most of them went 3-dimensional and the ones that stayed flat showed off an impressive amount of detail.

Each piece ranged in price with some going into the triple digits. The balls all stood on a strip of grass framed by the golf course and accompanied by the groovy music courtesy of the DJ nearby. A good-sized crowd gathered so the viewing of the golf balls got tricky at times, but once viewers got a peek there was plenty to see. The show pushed the idea of a quirky setting for art and also challenged the artists to keep to their styles while using such an unconventional canvas. Next up, matching golf clubs? – Eva Recinos
















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