Miniature Sculptures @ Pehrspace And The Madness Around Them

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Pehrspace is an art and music venue that’s tucked away into the corner of a strip-mall on Glendale Blvd. Each month they host an art exhibit as well as scattered performances that range from singer-songwriter sessions to the most bizarre acts of the audio spectrum. However, the most consistent night is Monday when Sean Carnage hosts an array of performers taking adventurous risks. A display of miniature sculptures by visual artists were on the walls when I visited the venue just a couple weeks ago, which I was able to take snapshots of in-between the bands’ performances. The most legendary of which, was by the always entertaining Treasure Mammal. The singer and his backup dancer were dressed in vibrant full body leotards and started off their set by having everyone touch hands on the floor — followed by a group sing-a-long of “My Heart Will Go On” from the Titanic soundtrack. Then house then broke out into a dance party and at one point a horny dog that someone had brought started humping the dancer’s leg as he thrusted to the beat. Eventually, the dog had to be taken out of the room though when we heard the dancer yell “OW!” over the decibels because the animal had bit his leg, although not hard enough to draw blood.


Once their set was over the crowd took a little break for another group named Essay to set up. They did a two song set, the first of which featured a male singer in a du-rag lip-syncing to a soul tune as he slowly cried. He had a live drummer behind him, but the actual song was being played off a small turntable at half speed, so everything sounded an octave lower than it should have. When he was finished, a woman in a black began singing in another language [Ukranian???] as she slowly undid her veil to reveal that her face was painted white and her head was bald. In actuality, it was just makeup, but it did look quite dramatic in the low light. She had two thin models picking petals off roses the entire time and then thanked them graciously at the end of her song.


If you thought you knew what was going on in the fringes of Los Angeles and have never been to a Sean Carnage Monday night at Pehrspace, then you’re really missing out!




















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