ONCH MOVEMENT’S florescent pop-up shop @ Royal/T

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The fashion and accessories brand, Onch Movement, set up a pop-up shop at Royal/T for the month of June. Their unique pieces like fried chicken necklaces and bacon bracelets were adorned by a flamboyant and fluorescent crowd at the opening reception – a majority of whom were gathered around a small case of baby chickens. But don’t panic, the chicks were returned to their rightful homes after the opening and in their place is simply a display of more happy goods. All of the whacky bracelets and necklaces are hand made by the designer, Onch, who also collaborated with wigmakers, iPhone case companies, and others to fully round out the selection of items in the shop. I highly suggest you visit the pop-up, not just because it’s absolutely fabulous, but also because Royal/T won’t be around for much longer.

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