Go West: David Ellis & Kris Kuksi at Mark Moore Gallery

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Without getting too confusing, Joshua Liner Gallery in New York has curated an exhibit of David Ellis’ and Kris Kuksi’s work at Mark Moore Gallery in Los Angeles for the month of July. Ok, now for the good stuff!!! I first saw the art of David Ellis about 6 years ago when he put together an incredible time lapse painting named LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT [http://vimeo.com/7702060]. Since then, his career has only snowballed into a bigger and bigger success. And whereas most artists would’ve stuck to one genre, Ellis has moved on to working with sound installations in addition to his static fine art practice. So, at Mark Moore Gallery this month you’ll notice a trashcan and its litter on the ground, which will make you annoyed and say WTF until it starts making this beautiful rhythm of sound. Then you’ll turn your head and hi five your best bud!

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