The Big Blue Gorilla on Market Street by Isabelle Alford-Lago

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Isabelle Alford-Lago has recently painted one of her signature gorillas on Market Street in Venice Beach, CA. The big blue ape, which Isabelle named VINCENT, is high up on a drywall awning that countless people pass everyday on their way to the ocean. It’s a wonderful addition to the street spirit of the region. since murals like Isabelle’s are what make Venice tick with a welcoming energy of art unfelt in other parts of the city. There was also an element of danger whilst painting Vincent, since Isabelle had to climb up onto a rickety scaffolding that was at least 60ft up in the air. Thankfully, she made it back down and was able to create what I feel is one of her best pieces on the street yet! The whole thing was documented on video by the fearless filmmaker Elif Alp.

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